New contract Phone?

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  1. My Phone contract end's in just over a month and I was thinking of getting another one anyone got any good suggestions?

    I looking to spend about £15 a month but I could stretch to £20 a month but I's rather not and I need something with a lot of monthly texts.

    I've currently got a Samsung S5600 (I think) And it's getting a bit old and I've dropped it down the toilet ect so It's a bit worn, get Unlimited Texts and 200 Minutes a month and I'm on Orange I'm sure I can better or at least equal this
  2. On Orange Canary 20 is £20 month and will give you 200 minutes and unlimited texts.. Choosing that plan you can get phones such as..

    For free.

    Might be worth looking at other networks to see what they offer.

    If you have £100 to spare then you can get something nice like this..
  3. I was considering Getting the Sony Ericsson Xperia however Sony Ericsson phone's are not exactly the most reliable phones in the world so I decided against it, as for the Blackberry and Nokia they just look crap tbh, lol.

    Unfortunately I can't really afford to pay extra for a phone so That Htc is out of reach :(
  4. I haven't had any problems with any of my Sony Ericssons. I had the skinny W810 for probably about 4 years. It was scratched and battered but stillworked perfectly. Until I yanked it out of my pocket one day, it slipped out of my hand and I watched it sail over my head and smack into the concrete floor.

    The X8 does feel pretty nice, and the android OS should hold up ok.

    I find Nokias a bit slow, their OS's are a little behind the others and I can't stand Blackberrys.
  5. LOL :D
  6. Hmm I used to have an old Sony Ericsson that worked ok but was mega slow and then my Brother got a Sony Ericsson phone that broke and my friend had one on contract that had to be fixed about 5 times before he gave up on it and got a HTC, I know that there Walkman phones can be temperamental.

    Gotta say that I laughed at your story about your phone reminded me of the time I was mega drunk and was trying to ring my Ex Girlfrind doing the "I love you" drunk talk but I did not realize that the battery had fallen out of my phone and I though I had lost it. the next day I was walking home and I found it battered in the road it had clearly been run over by a car(s) I picked up up and put it in my phone and the phone still worked! :O
  7. How do you manage to drop the battery out of your phone whilst walking home? The mind boggles.

    I also don't know how so many people drop their phones in the toilet. :/
  8. well I was walking to my friends house to crash there for the night and the back of my phone was broke and held on with Blutack I went to call my ex girlfriend And it fell Out obviously because I was so Drunk I didn'y realise till next morning that I was talking to myself on the phone and that I had dropped My battery and just happened to find it walking home the following day haha :).

    As for dropping the phone in the toilet it's easy I got a phone call as I was about to have a pee and tried to balance the phone with my Head and my Shoulders and Failed and kerplunk it went down the bog.

  9. ..................................... I hope you washed your phone thoroughly after that.

    And who answers the phone when they're peeing?

    "hello? Er... what's that noise?"
    "You're PEEING!? I am now forever scarred with your peepee noises in my ear!"
  10. I hadn't actually started Peeing thank god, else I would of just Flushed the Phone down the Toilet.

    So mental scarring and Repressed Memories Avoided :D
  11. Too late, I was scarred from the moment you mentioned toilet and phone in the same sentence...
  12. were you filmed On the toilet on someones Mobile at some point in life? Chilling stuff indeed
  13. Man up and get yourself an Iphone!
  14. I fixed it for you :p
  15. [​IMG]

    I'm sure your Jimmy Saville Chi.

    @ Phisix, err No there overpriced pieces of popular crap I'd rather get a colonic from Louie Spence through a straw and thats not happening either.
  16. Piece of crap? have you you ever used one? Chriss has the 3rd generation IPhone and it is amazing. The apps and use of the internet is awesome.

    You are looking for a new contract, so a contract for this wont cost you hundreds to get.
  17. well Overpriced for the specs it has IMO, I have used one yes quite a few of my friends have one and once the novelty of the apps wore off they said it was a waste of money.

    the use of the Internet is cool however you can get unlimited Internet on other phones for cheaper spending £35 a month for an average phone 300 texts and mins and unlimited Internet doesn't seem like the deal of the lifetime for me I'm afraid.
  18. that's what everybody says about smartphones in general. skip em I say, just get a tablet or a mini-notebook. Smartphones are just too small for that kind of productivity.
  19. bahaha, I'm on the other side of this. skip tablet and go smartphone. all you'll need is one device
  20. Right I've finally Ordered my New phone I've gone for a HTC Desire HD, I got it for £15 a month for 24 months and I get unlimited Texts 200 Minutes and Internet ect, seems like a pretty cool phone and It has some good reviews, what do you tech heads reckon?