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Discussion in 'Technology' started by monsly, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Thinking of getting a new laptop via Amazon UK - any recommendations? Ideally like one that comes with office and photoshop.
  2. laptops actually come with photoshop over there?
  3. Probably not, from what I've seen so far. How does this look?
  4. The integrated graphics on that seem to perform worse than an Intel hd2000. Probably not going to be able to run Photoshop very well.
  5. That CPU is going to make you pull your hair out.
  6. Hmmm, that seems shit then.
  7. It's a tablet CPU so it's fine for light weight stuff but I'm guessing photoshop would make it explode and cause moderate to severe injuries to the user.
  8. What's a good laptop then? Any makes/models?
  9. Alienware.
  10. Asus are pretty good, you just need to look a bit above netbooks

    The above any better? What price range do I need to be looking in?
  12. Get a 13 inch retina macbook pro

    The 2560x1600 IPS screens on these things are incredible, especially if you're like me where you prefer 16:10 aspect ratio.

    The Thinkpad X1 Carbon is a nice option if you want a Windows PC. Make sure to upgrade to the 1440p IPS display and 8GB RAM.

    I probably wouldn't buy much of anything other than a Mac or Lenovo Thinkpad at this point. Emphasis on Thinkpad NOT Ideapad. Lenovo's consumer level stuff can be trashy.
  13. Photoshop needs at least a 2Ghz CPU. Avoid Pentium and Celeron. i3 is okay and i5 better. 8GB of ram recommended.
  14. Thanks for the advice guys. MacBook would be nice but family life is waaaay too expensive at the moment and I'm currently doing a masters course, so having less work time to allow me to do it.

    That Lenovo looks like it could be good; how much would office 2013 add on top roughly?
  15. And how's this? I3 but 4gb; but I can at least get this from a local-ish place
  16. You probably get a teacher discount from your job. That will be your best price. I just happen to buy Office Pro 2013 for $10 today using my work discount.

    Agreed. I'm thinking of picking up a second job for a bit. I noticed Apple is hiring in my area. I think the job involves answering iPhone support calls and telling the customer to just buy an Samsung Galaxy S5. I duno. Maybe I wouldn't be good at it.
  17. It's 1.7GHz with 4GB of ram. The other laptop is better. If you don't need to buy from Amazon check the Dell warehouse scratch and dent stuff. Deals can be pretty good.

    I just checked and there are some good buys. I'd hit this if on a budget.
  18. Found this pretty quickly on bfuns link.

    We use Dell stuff exclusively at work (its Dell or HP in most places) and we have no issues with the business grade stuff. They also offer really good warranties.

    Can your IT department at the school order it as a work laptop for you? That way you can skip the tax.
  19. Dell doesn't let you link to their stuff. You have to provide instruction on how to find it.

    I did see a 3GHz i5 with 8GB or ram for 309 + tax.
  20. I was just trying those links in chrome as it kept coming up with errors. Strange thing for them to do.