New slim PS3?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by chi, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Is this the PS3 Slim? I have to say, it looks pretty tacky.



    In other news, there's a new, budget PSP out. The E-1000. Matte plastic, mono speaker and no wifi.

  2. It looks like they ditched the slot loading blu ray drive, which is one of the big things I like about the PS3.
  3. No wi-fi in that PSP? That seems rather stupid and short-sighted.
  4. I think the fact they they're releasing another PSP revision rather than discontinuing it is rather stupid and short-sighted.
  5. Seriously. Handhelds are dead. Smartphones killed them.
  6. @khaid: I guess they're still happy with the number it sells. Seems odd they're releasing a version that doesn't allow access to their online store. Maybe sales in that area are very bad I guess.
  7. The super slim PS3 is stupid. It's unwanted and unnecessary. I don't think many people were thinking. "You know, I could really go for a new, slimmer, PS3. I wish my PS3 was about half an inch thinner and I wish it was top loading instead of the stylish slot loading mechanism". What a gigantic waste of time and money. That's time and money they could have spent on developing the PS4. I think I'll be going for the new Xbox rather than the new PS after seeing how committed Sony are to the new generation. Although my mates will probably all buy the PS so I'll have to get one anyway FFS.
  8. Eh? Why's it stupid? I'd guess they're doing it as it'll be cheaper and thus allow them to reduce price or make more profit. Who knows, maybe both. I doubt it's changing the path they'll take for the next gen.
  9. The new PSP is like £85.

    I think the rumoured Slim looks really tacky. Like fake market stall toy tacky. But it's probably a lot cheaper to make, so we might see PS3s hit £100.
  10. as an old schooler I really like these. not slot loading so less mechanisms to rely on, not wifi so better battery life. If only that was the PSP Vita
  11. The only problem with the lack of wifi on the new, budget PSP is that multiplayer is completely out of the picture.

    The flip up lid worked on the PS2 but this sliding lid looks very tacky.
  12. The slot loading mechanism on PS3 has been the only disk drive on a playstation I haven't had issues with. My original PS I had to stand on its side to start up games after a couple of years, and my fat PS2 failed to load games after 4 years until I went into the dangerous territory of adjusting the laser closer to the disk. My PS2 slim... lol, that lasted 6 months, what a POS. I've had my PS3 40GB for 4 years now and no issues at all really. Maybe it's not the case, but I'm thinking a top loading disc drive is more problematic personally.

    The styling looks ok from the front IMO, the rest, a bit tacky. That said those photos are horrible.

    They make these slim models to cut costs. The small amount of R & D that goes into the design is easily offset from being able to sell the console at a larger profit and lower price. This means they can sell more of them because of the better price for consumers and get more money with each sale. Basically they reduce the size of the chips by shifting to a new process which reduces manufacturing costs. These new chips need less power, so they can reduce the cost of the cooling and power supply. Then they usually cut corners in other areas to bring the cost down even further. It's the last one I hate, everything else is a plus. After how crappy my PS2 slim was I wont be buying one of these if my PS3 fat dies.
  13. I wouldn't buy a new console so close to the new gen anyway.
  14. @arma

    Agreed. New consoles will be coming out in the next two years. Buying a console now makes no sense. I'm even hesitant to do any serious upgrading of my PC right now because the new consoles will determine the future system requirements for PC games.


    The original PS3 slim from 2009 was actually an improvement on the fat models in a lot of ways, assuming you didn't care about backwards compatibility. They came with bigger HDDs, retained the slot loading mechanism, used less energy, ran cooler, and were more reliable. I haven't really heard of the 2009 slim having the YLOD issue that plagued the fat models. I have two of the 2009 slims, and I've had absolutely no problems with them.

    Unfortunately this new model looks like a big step down in quality from the fat and original slim models.
  15. I've had no issues with my slim, but I've only had it since late 2010, there's still time. I have to say the fat PS3 was one of the ugliest consoles ever made whereas I feel the slim is the best looking one. It's sleek, compact(ish) modern, not too flashy, isn't a magnet for fingerprints like the fat one. The new one just looks what it is, cheap. Sure they want to reduce manufacturing costs but I still think it's too late. Anyone who plays gaes on the regular will be looking to get a new console asap as these ones are feeling tired these days. Any really casual gamers might buy this SSPS3, maybe.
  16. I thought the old PS3 looked pretty good. The current PS3 looks super cheap in comparison and this newer model looks even cheaper.

    And what is an SSPS3?
  17. The next generation is the last generation for what people traditionally think of as a "console". Demand will probably be significantly lower overall, so the number of games produced will probably be lower as well. I think we witnessed the peak of the traditional console with the current gen.
  18. Yah, the current slims are pretty solid machines. My fat PS3 doesn't have BC anyway, none of the ones released here did, so a slim is better in every way. I do find them a little boring looking though - not that the fat is great looking, it's just a bit more interesting than the slim. Besides the freaking spiderman 3 font. WTF were they thinking? A large corporation using a tacky looking font from a movie for their electronics device... wow.
  19. I'm sure everyone is going to ditch their consoles and get ipads. Get real.
  20. I'm not talking specifically about Apple here. Smartphones, tablets, and streaming services are already eating into the traditional model for consoles, and that will continue to be the case. Obviously people will still buy traditional consoles next gen, but it's going to be a smaller market with a smaller payoff and will eventually be obsolete vs. the other delivery methods.

    And you see plenty of people in the gaming industry saying the same things.