New Super Mario Brothers U

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  1. This looks quite good. It has a hint of Super mario World in it too so that is always win.
  2. That link isn't working for me and I'm afraid I'm too lazy to paste. Overall, I've been left disappointed by this thread.

    Would love a proper update of mario world - that would be epic indeed.
  3. It still looks like a Gamecube game. Absolutely fucking pathetic in 2012. They weren't kidding about this thing being three Gamecubes glued together with an HDMI port.

    I'm in. 8)
  5. Looks like fun, but I think they could have put a bit more work into the presentation.

    Which is the current generation handheld game and which is a next generation console game?



    Why do I have to buy another console to play this? Is anyone going to try to claim a Wii with this new controller couldn't pull this off? Of course this game isn't about pushing the technology envelope by any means, but I'm feeling a bit insulted if Nintendo expects me to pay hundreds of dollars to be able to play something like this.
  6. I'm insulted. But I'm going to place my pre-order this weekend.
  7. It may not be up to much graphically but I found NSMB: Wii pretty fun and expect this will be the same.
  8. I expect it will be a fun game as well. My complaint is that I would have to buy a new console to play it when it seems obvious the Wii could easily handle this game.
  9. The backgrounds and textures seem a little more detailed and smoother than they did on the Wii, maybe it needs that extra 2 broadway cores to really crank Mario up to 11.
  10. I wonder if they will port it to the 3DS since it and the Wii-U are connected.
  11. They have just released NSMB2 for the 3DS, they will want to keep them both separate to make as much monies as possible.
  12. I can get fun with an incisive Indy game for 10 bucks. Fun aint what gets you the big bucks these days.
  13. innovative whatever.*looks up incisive... no incisive is a better word...*
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    You've become a right grumpy bastard in your old age. Monkey must be rubbing off on you.
  15. That poo smell must take days to wash out.
  16. not if you feed him right