New Surface 3 (non pro)

Discussion in 'Technology' started by khaid, Mar 31, 2015.


    MS finally releases the successor for the Surface 2 after they formally axed windows RT.

    it uses a cherry trail processor and the display is 10.8 inches (vs 12" on the pro 3) and keeps the 3:2 aspect ratio of the pro 3 at 1920x1280 (2160x1440 on the pro 3). it uses micro usb for the charging port rather than the proprietary connector on the pro 3.

    the kickstand on the surface 3 locks in 3 places. it is full motion on the pro 3.

    it supports the n-trig stylus but doesn't include it like the pro 3.

    $499 for 2gb ram 64gb storage version
    $599 for 4gb ram 128gb storage version
  2. Isn't Microsoft still in the hole 1 Billion dollars from the first 2?
  3. they just threw it into the Xbox division losses and had a good riddance party
  4. I might just get rid of my ipad air 2 again..

    apple have banned AC3 support now, so I can't even watch my pirated movies :(
  5. I don't believe Apple has banned anything. Developers just need to have licensing for the formats that require it. Apps like Infuse 3 have AC3 support.

  6. This would be a good toy for you. Lots of new things for you to play with. Especially with windows 10 coming out soon. If you're using it for movies, you can plop them on a usb drive since the surface has a full usb port.