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  1. The strap on my watch broke a while back and I've been thinking of getting a new watch. I happened upon this site earlier, they sell crazy Japanese style watches. I'm going to get this one:

    They do some really abstract designs
  2. what if there's a zombie apocalypse.. gonna be a real pain trying to tell the time in a panic huh
  3. Nah it's easy. Look at the hours, then look at the 5 minute groups. It's easier to read than the rest of the watches.
  4. You can get cheap knock offs of those watches for 90% less at Meritline.
  5. [​IMG]

    I have this watch, currently using a black leather strap as my chain one broke.
  6. I can read the time but how do you tell the date?
  7. I have a phone, it tells me the time AND the date!

    Watches are for people from the past.
  8. Phones are for futuristic Cyborgs.
  9. Date's a button press away, dots are months and the number in the box is days.
  10. Hmm I like that. I have two brand new watches that I don't wear because the dates are a mechanical 31 day wheel. I hate that.
  11. if I buy a watch it'd act as a pedometer or heart rate monitor otherwise their pretty repetitive imo.
  12. You'll be wanting one of these then:


    Pedometer AND it has GPS so you can see where you've been!
  13. Yea, freakin watches looking the same 12 hours a day. moving in the same damn direction. so repetitive!
  14. well I don't keep 5 of them on my arm like you Inspector Gadget... but a watch that talks would kick ass :)
  15. Bahaha, I haven't worn a watch in months. They're both in my drawer right now.. cuz their batteries are dead :(
  16. those watches look the same... --:--