Next gen Xbox controllers to have touchscreen just like Wii U rumour

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Armadeadn, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Yep. It's only a rumour but some people seem to be thinking that the controllers for the next Xbox will have a touchscreen similar to the Wii U tablet. I'm not sold on the idea of having an expensive gimmick draining the battery life even faster than usual. Can it even be implemented in a genuinely useful way to reduce the gimmick factor?

    Also this:

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  2. I've fucking posted everytime you've complained fucking embedded videos. Saying this one more time and next time I'm just going to delete your posts if you can't be arsed to fucking read what I say.

    Remove all the shit from the URL.

    On YouTube theres even an option that says "SHARE" and it will give you a clean URL. FFS.
  3. Ok sorry. I guess those other times I asked but then didn't check back quickly enough and your reply got buried under other posts. Point taken, message received, lesson learned.
  4. It's just a rumour but it would be lame if XBox did that. The controls are comfy enough without adding that crap to it.
  5. This 'ow it gonna be. Listen up! Don't listen down. Listen up!

    There will be an Xbox Tablet sold separately for a reasonable price.
  6. Some random dudebro on youtube seems like a legitimate source.
  7. He's not a source of any kind, he's just reporting what he's read and throwing his opinion into the mix, and I hardly think he's a dudebro, whatever the fuck one of those is anyway... I just googled it and there's so many definitions that basically if you're a white guy, you're a dudebro.

    Also he's not just some random youtuber, he's quite big on youtube, and twitter. I know what you're going to say, twitter is for fags but hey, he's a more "legitimate source" than you lol.

    Here's the same story from some legitimate sources to keep you happy.