Next Nintendo Console confirmed: Will be announced at E3(Updated)

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  1. A month after Nintendo said there are no plans for a new console, there are reports saying that Nintendo will reveal a new console at this years E3.

    More powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360? HD? This is something that normally Nintendo do not do, but could this be just rumours, or the start of a great graphics console from Nintendo the first time in many years?
  2. Buh? Something they normally don't do? Nintendo have always been competitive in terms of graphical power before this gen.
  3. The Gamecube wasn't, right? Well you could say it was, but it was hardly like the PS2 and Xbox..
  4. More powerfull then PS3 and 360, well, lol, i may hope so, they are based on 5 year old tech.
  5. You think the PS2 was more graphically powerful than the GC?
  6. I do indeed. Am I wrong in that? I don't remember any Gamecube games being as great as MGS3, Shadow of the Colossus or even Final Fantasy XII.
  7. Yeah, you're wrong. The GC had a big edge in hardware. The PS2 had all the games though. The PS2 had nothing to really match the best GC games in terms of graphics; look how dog shit the PS2 version of RE4 was. Sure, the GC version should have an edge being the original development platform but the PS2 version falls waaaaaay short.

    They did some great stuff within the PS2's limitations towards the end though; SotC versus the early stuff shows a massive gap.
  8. Then again, thinking about it, Twilight Princess and resident Evil 1 REmake were quite nice looking.
  9. The Gamecube had some of the best graphics last gen. When games were designed specifically for it, and not ported from the PS2, it rivaled the Xbox in some cases.
  10. NES 8W
    SNES 9W
    N64 19W
    GameCube 39W
    Wii 19W

    GameCube was the hungriest for power. Wii matched N64.

    Will Super Wii HD be under 40W? That should be enough for a dual core AMD CPU and a decent GPU -- an updated 28nm version of Radeon HD 6490M, for example.

    Radeon HD 6490M 800MHz: 3.2 gigapixels, 6.4 gigatexels, 256 GFLOPS
    Xbox 360 GPU 500MHz: 4 gigapixels, 8 gigatexels, 240 GFLOPS

    1.6GHz CPU (dual or triple core, AMD or PowerPC, maybe 2.4GHz)
    800MHz AMD GPU (160 stream processors) + 16MB eDRAM
    512MB Main RAM (25.6 GB/s: 3.2GHz 64-bit GDDR5)
    256MB Aux RAM (DDR3)
    4GB Flash
    Touch Screen Controller

    That's better than two mobile phones in a jam sandwich.

    Launch Date: June 24, 2012 (6-24-12) or November 18, 2012
  11. Considering Ichi hinted at having an early developer version of this to play with, I'd say this announcement is real.

    The Wii aged really poorly, while the PS3 and 360 are still going strong. Unlike motion controls, HD is not a gimmick, and Nintendo needs to get on board if they're going to win back any of the core audience. Seriously, what kind of crack were they smoking releasing a console in late 2006 that didn't support HD?
  12. Nintendo have comfirmed that the new copnsole will be shown at E3.

  13. each controller will half the price of the system
  14. and it will all come wrapped up in impossible to open military grade titanium. I swear what ever happened to BOXES. It always takes me ten minutes to open the thing whenever I buy a new accessory.
  15. bahaha, blame it on the thieves. blister packaging is alot more anti-theft.
  16. There is a good aticle about the new console on 1up. Give it a read.

    The future of online gaming. If this came true it would be amazing. Very interesting and quite exciting too.
  17. That's all very interesting but it's also all very speculative. Until the console comes out I aint believein' no theories.
  18. The stuff floating out there is a mish mash of truth and half truths and some pure fantasy on the part of fanboys who have absolutely nothing better to do with their time. Take everything you read on this with a pinch of salt.

    If I said anymore, I'd have to kill you.
  19. Damn you and your insider access!