Nintendo 3DS Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by ali_f, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Well, its not out yet. But I am sure to be getting one. So until then, I will be using this thread for all 3DS news.

    Amazing thing is, I had respect for Nintendo's handheld being quite cheap. But what the hell happened here? Some people are predicting that the price will drop as more competitive prices are still to come. Anyone wondering what the PSP2 might cost then? I predict £300!

    Its too early to say that smartphones have taken the handheld market for good.
  2. I saw a pre-order poster outside a shop today, was mighty tempted but didn't bother.

    I have a habit of being impulsive. I didn't pre order a 360, PS3 or DS but still ended up getting one at launch so I expect the same thing will probably happen here 'if' it doesn't do a Wii and sell out for 22 years. I managed to pick a DS phat up on launch day without any problems but I suspect there might be a bit more demand for the 3DS when it appears.
  3. Also haven't pre-ordered it. I still think that the price needs to be adjusted a bit more. The PSP at its launch date cost something like £250. But this was one move from Nintendo i didn't expect.

    But with games like Metal Gear Solid 3DS, Animal Crossing, Phoenix Wright X Professor Layton and Mario Kart 3DS, its hard to ignore.

    Here is a price history from what I remember at its launch date:

    Gameboy Original ???
    Gameboy Colour: £80-100
    GBA: £100-130
    DS: £150
    3DS: £200-250!!!!
  4. I think I will wait until the price goes down, but I will definitely get one in the end. £200 - £250 seems a little steep to me, especially after the original Xbox 360 when released was in that price range.

    You forgot Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 3d with the blocky graphics sorted. :D
  5. The '3D' is definently its USP (unique selling point). People will never know what its like unless they buy it, or see it for themselves. But I've heard it drains the battery quite hard. So when travelling, this feature definently stays off!
  6. I never travel with hand-helds so it will always be near a plug. A 3d Zelda has got me buzzing. Hopefully some decent Rpgs will be released on this. Pokemon 3d maybe.
  7. What was wrong with the DS? At least the 3DS won't be a 2D machine this time around, and the PSP2 does not look that promising if the rumours of it actually being more like a phone is true.
  8. If Star Fox is a launch title, I may get one. Its not a certainty though, for three reasons:

    1) I love gaming on my iPhone.
    2) The 3DS is a bit expensive.
    3) Pokemon Black/White comes out on March 6th and I'll be busy with that for a while.

    I'm curious to see reviews for Kid Icarus as well. That might be a system seller for me, given its a straight up shooter game.
  9. The Nintendo 3DS design explained.

  10. I don't know what nintendo are thinking. It is not the most attractive fish in the carboot.
  11. Anybody picked one up as yet? I was tempted but I'm going to wait a few weeks as I've recently bought Kinect. The Ghost Recon game has me tempted with it's Xcom and Laser Squad comparisons.
  12. The launch sucks balls. I've went to a nearby electronics store, two 3DSes for 1099 PLN (390$). No games at all. No games? Yes, not a single game. You can buy a console but you can't even buy damned games for it. It's pathetic.

    It's the first time for years that I do not buy a NIntendo console on the launch day. But I am not going to support such misery. Do support me with games, the online shop and I get one.

    I am gonna wait till June/July or maybe even later.
  13. Why's the launch been like that then? I've not heard of those issues over here.
  14. I find that weird, all new consoles are always released with one game. Even though that launch game bundle always tends to be a rubbish game.

    If only we were Japanese. They got the newest Professor Layton game in 3D, and we have to wait.

    We should all know by now that released consoles always start with rubbish, so we just have to wait a while until we get to play the new Zelda OOT, Paper Mario and whatever else decent is on it's way.
  15. I thought the 3ds was released ages ago since I've been seeing videos of MGS3-d on youtube for a while. I was tempted to buy one but as I'm not 10 years old I don't bother with handheld consoles.
  16. It came out on Friday. Handhelds do have some good games you know, even if they don't look as good as the gamecube punching games you enjoy so much.
  17. I tried one in a shop today. The 3D is pretty damn impressive. Might have been tempted to get it but they didn't have Ghost Recon in. Once there's a few more games I think I'll pick this up.
  18. If it takes time away from my ps3/360 time I'm not interested, and remember I'm a 3-D fanboy.
  19. I am defiantly going to be picking one up but at the moment I am not sure when. I get paid Thursday but the games library is pretty poor at the moment so I may hold off for another month or 2 and see how things go.
  20. It's damn expensive for a handheld console though. I could buy a whole bunch of games for that money. Or have a couple of good weekends doing things.