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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Although the Nintendo 3DS will be replacing the Nintendo DS very soon, the Nintendo DS still has a lot of great games coming out, as well as a big extensive library still. Including a lot of RPGS, which as you all know by now, keeps me happy.

    So to carry on with hawks original PVCF thread, this is the new one.

    So who is looking forward to Pokemon Black and White, and Radiant historia?
  2. I may pick up Pokemon Black/White when they come out. It'll be my first Pokemon game since Red/Blue/Yellow.
  3. Wow, such a long time ago to play Pokemon. It still has its charm and fun play. The only ones I have yet to play are Gold and Silver, but I just recently started up Soul Silver for the DS as I play it bit by bit until I finish Chrono Trigger.
  4. I just released there is a sequel to Hotel Dusk out. Titled: Last Window: Secret of Cape West.

    I loved Hotel Dusk, it was unique. I will try this out in about half an hour. Anyone else a fan of Hotel Dusk and who has played this?
  5. Yeah I've played it. It's pretty good, but not as intense as Hotel Dusk since it's spread out over more days as opposed tot he 24 hours you get in Hotel Dusk
  6. The thing is, I remember hearing about a sequel a while ago but I must have forgot. Luckily I was reading a write up on the NDS so I found out. Cannot wait to bust it out and play.

    I was also playing Dragon Quest IX earlier as a break from Pokemon White. You have to create your own extra three characters to help in battles. I know this is in place as the game is designed to play with your friends via NDS link-up, but I find it annoying and slightly weird. They all start on level 1 too so they were not much help in a boss battle I had as they were all level 3 and the main character was level 10. That means I am going to have to train them all up, and then farm money to upgrade all of their gear. So time consuming.

    They could have done this on the Wii to be honest as it could have been bigger, better and you could find players online to join your team.

    Anyone else played this?
  7. No, the Jedward advert put me off completely.

    And just in case it wasn't burned into your skull enough...
  8. An advert does not show whether a game is good or bad. Although they are a bunch of spastic gimps.

    It is quite a good game for what I have played so far. It is like DragonQuest VIII on the PS2, but not as good.
  9. I don't really enjoy playing RPGs on the DS because the D pad is awful for any travelling. I needs mah analogues!
  10. The Nintendo 3DS will solve that problem for you mate. That said, the NDS has a host of great RPG's so you should not miss out. That is why I am emulating them right now to catch up.
  11. I thought of getting the Ghost Trick but am not going to pay 24? for it.

    Sadly, my two DSes are getting dust. The last game I've bought was Attorney Investigations but it's been the first one of the saga I haven't finished. I do not know what exactly is wrong with it, maybe the cases are just too ridiculous, the whole plot with Badgers is just too spaced out for me.

    Also, the 3DS will be the first Nintendo console for YEARS that I am not going to buy at the launch. There's nothing to get my attention there at the moment. No Zelda, no Mario, no online store. What I'd expect is the port of Wind Waker, not Ocarina, with all the respect I cannot stand Ocarina anymore. Have finished it on N64, then twice on the N64 emulator and one more time on the Gamecube. It's a really great game but I want it to live in my memory rather than bringing it every few years just to see the same, blurry, ugly textures on the ground.
  12. Oooh! I never thought of that. I would love that, but I doubt that would ever happen.

    You think that is bad, I have finished it on the N64 about 6 times, the Gamecube collection 2 and about 4 times on an emulator, but then I still enjoy it until this day. The revamped Ocarina of Time does not have any of those graphical problems any more. It looks really good.

    The revamp of it is so people who never played this gem back in the day, can play it now.

    Anyway, that copy of Last Window the sequel to hotel dusk does not work as it is a problem to do with the emulator, so I will wait until I get a 3DS and pick up a cheap copy or just wait until I upgrade my PC and use DesUme as it relies on CPU speed a lot.
  13. I started playing a DS game I forgot about last night titled the Sands of Destruction. Which is a turn based RPG. I actually posted up a thread about it back on the old PVCF when it was first announced but it had a different name; World Destruction.

    It is okay so far. Although I have only played an hour of it. The story is about a normal boy who somehow has a power to destroy the world and turn everything in to sand. There are a group after him to use it and one to stop it. It could turn out great I hope.