Nintendo NX speculations

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  1. Nintendo announced it's next big thing is the Nintendo NX. But what is it? It has to be a VR helmet of some sort right?
  2. With Sony already going down that route I wouldn't be surprised but after virtual boy....

    They said we have to wait til next year to find out.
  3. Everybody is going down that route. Google, Nvidia, Sony, AMD, Samsung, Apple, somebody else I can't remember...
  4. Microsoft Wins

  5. Some say this is a leaked pic of the new NX controller. Looks like little nipples on an OLED screen. It's passed the not photoshopped test but that doesn't mean it's not fake.


    Also here is a patent Nintendo files a while ago that kind of matches it.

  6. The new rumour is that they are going back to cartridges. Although still not as cheap as optical media you can get rather large memory cards for a few £s these days so I don't see why not.
  7. Cartridges are better than disk in about every way other than physical storage. Optical disk suck. I lost my Wii Mario Kart game disk when it got stepped on.
  8. Would I be seen as odd if I tell you that I still play my gamecube? - Since I got my gamecube modded to play backup games, I basically downloaded all gamecube games that scored 7 or above on review sites. I also managed to get the HDMI mod for the cube, which plays natively (no conversions) and will prolong the life for many more years lol:
  9. More rumors. Some now think an Nvidia Tegra will power the handheld.

    Read more:
  10. Euro gamer is now saying it will be the Nvidia Tegra chip that powers the NX.

    If this is true then all the rumors of a power house console were false. The Tegra 1 is just a little faster than an Xbox 360.
  11. So basically Android tablet level graphics? Meh.
  12. Seems likely that Nintendo won't be using Android, so they'll be able to get better performance. I don't think the graphic power is really the issue anyway, but more about how they can convince people to carry around another mobile device.
  13. Right. I think we have to assume it's going to be a mobile platform and if that's the case is it a successor to the DS or the Wii U? Right now the development kits are using an Tegra 1 but I think we can also assume there will be a Tegra 2 by release. Maybe we'll see something more powerful than the Wii U but I wouldn't count on it. The PS Vita was only mildly successful and Sony has said because of smart phones the climate is not healthy enough for a new Vita 2. So Nintendo will need a way to convince people that they need to carry another brick in their pocket that's probably heavier and hotter than a smart phone and only plays $30 to $60 games. Not an easy task. It's going to need a good gimmick to work.
  14. Nintendo switch, not sure I am impressed.

    Runs carts again so long load times should be a thing of the past but it is so thing I doubt it will be a powerhouse, tablet quality games at best because they want to make it mobile as well as a home console.
  15. I'd have to see what the battery life is like. Zelda looked pretty jerky when it was in portable mode.
  16. This is pretty much what I expected. They're taking the idea of the Wii U a step further by allowing the handheld device to leave the living room. My concern is that the unit wont perform any better than the Wii U. If it only matches performance they'll have a hard time convincing Wii U owners into a sidegrade. Also, the $299/$399 price tag is way above the $175/$199 price of a 3DS so I don't believe many kids are going ti pick this up. So far I'm not too excited. If they can show me a portable device that matches the performance of an Xbox 1 and has plenty of 3rd party support I'll start to get interested.

    Last week Marquarie dropped their performance expectation of Nintendo from outperform to neutral.