Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft is skipping E3? So... is E3 dead?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Alpolio, Feb 2, 2023.

  1. The ESA has been planning a big return for E3. They even hired the PAX organizer, ReedPop. But the big 3 will all be absent at E3 this year. While ESA is trying to downplay it, the other publisher's are rather upset.
    "There's not a good sense that there's an understanding what this show is going to be or how it will come together, which is strange from a company that does such an amazing job with PAX twice a year," they told IGN in our report yesterday. "It seemed like they'd be the perfect shepherds for something like E3. So who knows where the issue is: Is it an ESA issue? Is it a ReedPop issue?... But there seems to be a lot of genuine interest from game publishers in the concept of E3, but it's really frustrating that we don't have good solutions."​

    I think that the big 3 are just sick of the ESA. Limiting their floor space, banning booth babes, killing all of their fun. I wonder if it would be possible to have E3 without the ESA? If that can't happen, then E3 is dead.
  2. E3 started in the mid 90s and predates the modern internet. It has been fading from relevance for years. It's now pretty easy to just go online and get info about upcoming games. You don't need an expo to show people what's coming out.
  3. I think that you're right. It's a shame though. I used to look forward to it every year and I'd take off work so I could watch it live.
  4. Yeah it was definitely a very cool event back in the day. I always enjoyed watching the coverage from it.