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  1. £279.99

    Mario has gone all Sonic adventure on us.
  2. So much for the specs being announced, they just told us battery life and a 720p panel on the mobile part.

    Controllers are way too expensive, decided not to bother with a pre order.
  3. This looks amazing can't wait !! Pre-ordered :D
  4. HOW MUCH?!

    I was tempted after seeing bomberman announced but their peripheral prices are pretty crazy.
  5. Your right £75 for those two small things.. u wot m8
  6. I was hoping for $250 USD. 32 GB of storage? The file size for Uncharted 4 on my PS4 is currently 60.82 GB. I think one would definitely need to invest more than the $299 for more storage space.
  7. An SD card is going to be a must but you're going to need a high speed one if it is to run games. Don't want the games to run fast from internal storage, swap to a card on SD and find that it takes forever for downloaded games.
  8. I'm getting one. Zelda, the new mario, splatoon 2, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as well as the Mario Kart 8 port justifies one for me.

    That new Zelda trailer was so fucking beautiful.
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  10. Been checking out price information and stuff and the console wont be bundled with any games and everything is overpriced and expensive. games for around £50, classic controller £60 and selling a single half of a joy-con for £38...yeah okay Nintendo. Cant believe it is already sold out some people are mental idiots.
  11. I want one badly for Zelda, but I am not pleased with the pricing. It seems like you're going to have to immediately purchase more storage space in addition to the $299 price. I'm wondering how close those purchases will get to the price of a PS4 Pro, which wallops the Switch in terms of power. I'm getting an Apple vibe regarding the power per dollar ratio. I can afford it, but I don't like feeling like I'm getting fleeced.
  12. lol @ that insane price. The new Zelda does a GREAT job artistically to hide shit graphics, really like the look of it. I think success is going to depend on price drop, tablet must have apps (browser, Youtube, Netflix), and being hacked to play old emulator roms.

    So, I'll be the first to say it.... Nintendo going 3rd party next gen!!!!
  13. The entire thing gave me a Dreamcast vibe, to be honest.

    The price is a concern, given the lack of faith I have that Nintendo will support the system properly. The accessory prices are ludicrous. Plus, no mention about how they are handling their online system other than it will a pay service in the fall. That is a pretty big "need to know" given the company's history.

    I was interested last year, but this event made me a skeptic.
  14. Paying for Nintendo's DRM crippled online is beyond ludicrous. I'm taking a big pass on this.
  15. It's definitely an improvement on the Wii U in terms of being a tempting purchase, but I couldn't justify buying it for Zelda alone. I'll park myself in the "wait and see" space for now.
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  16. No one has any idea what their online system will look like.
  17. With Nintendo, no news is bad news.
  18. Things are getting worse...

    I had high hopes for Nintendo and this thing but they really are fucking it up... How are you supposed to charge 2 of them and play a game at the same time without the grip? Use 2 cables? The charging grip should be in the box!!!

    Soon you'll be able to replace Nintendo Switch with Cluster Fuck and people will know what you mean...
  19. I've gotten the feeling that Nintendo didn't really know what direction they were going to go until recently and now everything is get getting thrown together as fast as possible for the launch. Are there only 5 games available launch day? How many AAA games are slated to launch this year? Mario Kart and Zelda are both Wii U games being pushed to Switch. Splatoon 2 looks exactly like Wii U Splatoon 1. Mobilizing current console games is great but that won't sell forever.
  20. there's only 2 games confirmed for launch day. the other ones are still in the air. if anything, they may release soon after release