No Wii Successor Yet, Says Nintendo CEO.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. And the Nintendo love keeps on loving, although this is not the best news out there.

    Good in a way as it has only been out for 4 years and that they don't want to obviously release anything until the other two have, but we are still waiting for a Nintendo console with great graphics and HD use.
  2. I sold my Wii. Worst home console I've ever owned.

    Hopefully the next one doesn't have eyesore graphics and isn't designed around a gimmick that gets old after five minutes. Everyone I know who owns a Wii played it for a few days, got bored, and then it just sat there collecting dust.
  3. But when it was first released it was original, unique and fun. Until the other two companys stole Nintendo's ideas. Add that with a few cracking titles and gems and it is till a good console.
  4. Not really. The appeal of the motion controls wears off quickly when you realize they don't work that well. And I can't think of any particularly good games on the system. The vast majority of the games on it are shovelware. I think Chairmansteve put it best. Wii games fall into one of three categories: girly, kiddy, or shitty.
  5. Which is why I said a few gems.
  6. They've gone from Gamecube Punching Games to Wii Pointing Games.