North Korea Weeps

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  1. Kim Jong Il has died and as a result everyone in North Korea burst into tears completely of their own will and not at all at gun point, probably.

  2. What, you don't believe those tears are genuine? You don't believe they'll miss the dictator who so lovingly oppressed them?
  3. Perhaps tears of joy then as Kim Jong-Un comes to power?


    He looks like such a nice boy.
  4. Doubt it, he will be even worse than his father I bet.
  5. That fucking country sucks ass. They need a good old fashioned American invasion to free them.
  6. I don't know how the grip of these maniac dictators there can be broken. It seems doubtful anyone in that family will be anything but a sociopath. North Korea may be the least free country on the planet. They have people outside the capital boiling down bark from trees just trying to survive. As if those conditions weren't awful enough, they have to go through the constant "Dear Leader" brainwashing and brutal punishments.

    I hope this isn't a prelude of things to come for the US.
  7. Bombs usually help.
  8. Not going to happen anytime soon, the west isn't going to want to piss off the Chinese for one! The North has tested nuclear weapons (which pissed of the Chinese a little bit) and I believe the leaders are crazy enough to launch them at anyone they see as a threat. The Chinese are still a massive ally to North Korea (whether that is because they don't want millions of refugees coming across the border if the regime collapses is for you to decide). Just look at how they commented on the death of this nutter....

    There would be too much at stake to start a war with North Korea and so the people will continue to suffer for a long time yet.
  9. Yes, bombs in crowded urban areas filled with innocent civilians always helps.
  10. It worked for Saddam.
  11. Sadam didn't have what is quickly becoming the most powerful nation in the world as his strongest ally.
  12. Did you follow the Korean War? There is a reason why the country is still divided. Like Grim said, China is the North's biggest ally.

    Also to note that SOUTH KOREA IS JUST TO THE SOUTH OF THEM. North Korea already showed in the past few decades that they don't give a shit about targeting civilians.

    Anyhow, it doesn't matter how this new kid will handle the country. We already know he's going to be a puppet for Kim Jong-Il's regime.
  13. He looks like a North Korean Eric Cartman.
  14. We already tried that. It was called the Korean War and we got raped by hordes of Chinese.
  15. Why would you fill a bomb with innocent civilians?

  16. This video covers some disturbing and some hilarious facts about the recently deceased "Dear Leader."
  17. I like your style.
  18. It's crazy to see the contrast between the two Koreas. The North is like getting in a time machine and going back to 1940s Stalinist Russia. People are starving. They're horribly brainwashed and oppressed. While the South is one of the most technologically advanced and forward thinking countries on the planet. I mean how many of us are using products made by LG or Samsung in our daily lives? The South Koreans are overtaking the Japanese in being at the leading edge of technology. It really demonstrates what dictatorship is like versus democracy. I'm not even sure if you could reunify these two countries even if they wanted to. It would be too much of a culture shock and too much of a burden on South Korea, which is almost 100 years ahead of the north in most regards.
  19. Ultimate propaganda. I don't think they're fooling anyone. Just because we can't see the guns doesn't mean they're not ready. Check out the guy who only starts crying once he spots the camera lol.

  20. yes, a million puppy dogs died on that day...