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  1. Here are some leaked images of the new RTX 3080. I like the new cooler design but some websites have estimated that it will cost about $150 to make, which means card prices will be high. My bet is Nvidia releases these as a founders edition before the 3rd party design are allowed to sell.

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    I'm still rocking a 1070, which seems to be fine for current games. I'm curious what these cards will bring to the table. But I can't see upgrading to anything until after the new consoles come out. Most games are multi-platform, so the consoles will determine the system requirements for future games. Usually you need something that's a good bit more powerful than what the consoles are running to have a good experience on PC.
  3. I would think that the focus of these cards will be to minimise the performance hit with ray tracing enabled.
  4. Ray tracing was a marketing gimmick last gen to distract from the fact that Turing wasn't a real next gen card. Ampere will be different, and Nvidia claims it will kill the performance hit. Xbox, PS5, and AMD Navi will all have ray tracing and I'm sure Nvidia will want to outperform them all. My bet is that it will by a wide margin. But, I also think we'll start to see multiple levels of ray tracing performance. It's not clear if the human eye spot the difference between low and high levels of ray tracing. So, we might see something like PS5 at 40%, Xbox at 60%, Navi at 80%, and Nvidia at 100%. In the past, review sites would try to tell you which hardware produced the best visuals but now all they do is benchmarks. This resulted in both AMD and Nvidia reducing visual effects in order to raise FPS, which is the only thing anyone measures. Also, that Unreal Engine demo on the PS5 makes me wonder how much Ray Tracing will even be needed.
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    Exactly. Turing general gaming performance wasn't dramatically better than Pascal. Ray tracing was heavily promoted as a marketing tactic to try to get reluctant 10 series owners to upgrade. If the Steam hardware survey is anything to go by, it didn't work. The $300 RTX 2060 is the only RTX card in the top 10, and even it isn't that popular at just 2% of the market. The other more expensive RTX cards hardly sold. Few games support ray tracing yet, and the performance hit isn't worth it for the marginal improvement in image quality.