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  1. Nvidia has been rumored to move up their release date of the 980Ti to May 16th to 26th. According to rumors the Ti is basically a Titan X with 6Gb of memory rather than 12Gb. There is no word on what the Metal version will be. If the prices are are decent this could crush AMD which wont even be releasing their 390X until June. I would expect a $700 MSRP for the Ti which is what the 390X is supposed to be released at.

    I almost pulled the trigger on a GTX 980 last night but now I think I can wait until May to see what happens with the Ti.

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    Some benchmarks released by videocardz. Not sure how accurate they are. Looks like the Ti will match a Titan X pretty well. The rebranded Hawaii cards are there too.


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    That 980ti score @ OC is impressive!

    Bah I might just wait till Pascal.. I wish I had will power to hold out.. lets see how I behave in coming weeks.
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    It becomes extra interesting when you consider that Nvidia will allow the 980ti to come with custom coolers and factory OC. That wasn't allowed with the Titan X so I suppose it's possible that most every 980ti sold could bench higher than a Titan X. I wonder what the future holds for the Titan X.
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    MSRP $799. That's a lot higher than I had hoped. So the question now is why not spend the extra $200 for the Titan X. I mean if someone is spending $800 on a card I don't think budget is an issue.

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    Looks like I'll be waiting till Pascal.. I wish they'd stop gimping Kepler :'(
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    Well you never know. Prices could change but as it is it's a bit depressing. The gimped the Keplers probably to encourage upgrading then they overprice their upgrades. I don't usually support SLi as an economical choice but for the first time it looks like a SLi 970 will be a great budget rig. $600 gives you a 4K machine faster than a $1000 Titan X or $800 980Ti.
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    I like reading this thread. let's me fantasize about how my life would be if I had disposable income like this with people even considering getting this or the titan x.

    and here I am whining about getting a set of new tires for my car.
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    How about I give you tires and you paint my house. I'm a do-it-yourselfer but I can't figure out how to do it without killing myself. The best I can do is power wash it, paint the areas I can reach, and then pay someone $3000 to do the rest.
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    Go to Costco. They have the best deals you'll find anywhere on tires.
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    That's fine but where is the solution for my house?
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    Asus ROG...

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    Nvidia released new drivers today. At least one person said it gave them a 20% frame rate increase for Witcher 3. I really wonder if Nvidia gimped Kepler on purpose and are now fixing it because of the attention it got. The 780 used to beat the 290X in most benches and the 780 ti beat it by a good deal but in Far Cry 4, Witcher 3, Project Cars the 290X suddenly became the faster card. The performance difference between the 780 and 980 also jumped from about 10% to 25%.

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    Reviews and prices came out about an hour ago. It's $650 and that's not bad. Also with an overclock this passes the TitanX and gets near 295x_2 performance.


  15. the oc noise levels are pretty high on the ref model, wonder what strix and rog plat will be like...
  16. Yeah. Kind of power hungry and kind of loud but good performance. I'd definitely wait for a strix or something with a better cooler. Anything with a factor OC might beat the now dead Titan X out of the box.
  17. [​IMG]


    I think it is still a good idea to wait now.. the after market cards will be released as soon as the AMD chips come out too. so worth the wait.
  18. :(



    This is apparently after 5 mins of witcher 3. No wonder this has 3 fans.. have they rushed this product to market?
  19. Well for $100 more you can now get the hybrid cooler.

  20. That Hybrid card looks so fugly..

    Now that the witcher kepler issue is resolved might just hold on for a bit..

    It makes you wonder why they released this chip so cheaply $50 cheaper than the 780ti on launch right?
    That AMD card must be a beast. So worth waiting to see the results for that, and then the after market versions.
    Zotac are releasing a factory OC model with 1250+mhz model.. but it looks beefy with the fans.

    Looks like cooling will be important on these..