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  1. So what do we know so far about Pascal? Not much since Nvidia is being a lot more tight lipped than AMD.

    There are two chips. GP100 and GP104. The GP100 is the successor to the Titan and will have 16GB of HBM2 memory for consumers and 32GB for professionals . The GP104 will be an equivalent to a 980/970 level cards and will be using the new GDDR5x memory. It may also come with a liquid cooling option.

    Release dates?

    The original estimates had the GP100 coming out in April but Nvidia hasn't shown a working Pascal card yet. They did put one on display at a demo but that was later determined to be Maxwell chips. This lead to some criticism and speculation that Nvidia is behind schedule. Micron says they wont start ramping up GDDR5x until spring so many doubt we'll see a GP104 with GDDR5x in 2016. Samsung started producing the HBM2 in January so it's not clear when we'll be seeing that either.

  2. Ugh, I was afraid of this. I was actually waiting to go the Pascal route since I'm still on a geforce 770 2GB. At a glance, this shouldn't be a problem as this card is plenty powerful... but not at 1440p which is what I've been gaming on. The amount of vram is a huge factor now. I was playing around with the idea of getting a 980 or 980ti about a month ago but wanted to assume that pascal would hit in the summer of 2016.

    Nvidia needs tell us what's going on so I can make a decision.
  3. Here is Micron's announcement yesterday. I have no idea how fast things move from line to production. Maybe GP104 will be released in a DDR5 version or maybe GDDR5x will be ready by Q4 2016.

    "Micron is currently ramping GDDR5X to mass production, and will be announcing sample dates later this spring. We plan to be in full volume production this summer."


    Seems like a late start with HBM2 as well. This is from January 19th.

    Samsung Electronics announced that it has begun mass producing the industry’s first 4-gigabyte (GB) DRAM package based on the second-generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) interface, for use in high performance computing (HPC), advanced graphics and network systems, as well as enterprise servers.

  4. The latest rumors are Nvidia will most likely show off their Pascal chips on April 5th. The first Pascals may launch in June but they will probably target the mobility market and back-to-school crowd.
  5. Nvidia had their GPU conference today and they unveiled their first Pascal card. It's a beast priced at $129,000. Lot's of info on their plans for the future with artificial intelligence, super computing, and autonomous cars but nothing at all about consumer GPUs. I knew Nvidia sold high-end chips for super computing but now it sound like that's the primary direction for the future. Given that Intel has claimed to hit a technological barrier with faster CPU's I'm wondering if Nvidia also see's a limited future in selling faster GPUs.
  6. Thanks man. I feel much better pulling the gun on the 980ti now.
  7. I think GPUs might be reaching a point where they are good enough for what most people do with them. CPUs have been there for awhile. At least in terms of market share, nVidia doesn't seem to have much competition from AMD. Maybe they are going to slow down similar to Intel with their CPUs. Pascal could be amazing and I still probably wouldn't upgrade because my 980 is fine for the forseeable future.
  8. Whats interesting is Nvidia has a way to combine multiple GP100 Pascal processors without any scaling issues. So they can can keep adding more chips to make more powerful systems. Supposedly this doesn't work with their consumer graphics chips.
  9. Still nothing from Nvidia but there are some reliable rumors. The GP104 will come in 3 varieties replacing the 970, 980, and 980ti. Naming hasn't been determined yet but it will probably be 1080ti, 1080, and 1070. Launch of 1080ti and 1080 will come in June with the 1070 coming a few weeks after. Memory is a big unknown but it's suspected the 1080ti will have 8GB GDDR5x with the other two cards having 8GB and 4GB of GDDR5. Performance and price are still unknown but they will probably be similar to the current line up. It's possible we might not see a big jump in performance until 2017.

    980ti -> 1080ti: full die, higher clocks,
    980 ->1080: full die, slightly lower clocks,
    970 -> 1070: cut die, slightly lower clocks,
  10. Moore's Law is dead. Intel's tick/tock is dead. It's a brave new world in the PC space.
  11. Indeed. All the low hanging fruit has been grabbed. Innovation is dying. PC sales just fell to their their lowest point in a decade. Intel is out of ideas. Tablet sales are way down. Smartphone sales are down.The Apple Watch wont sell! End of times I tell you!
  12. Supposedly Nvidia has sent out invites to an "editors day" which could be in a few weeks. They will most likely be handing out card samples for review with NDA's keeping everyone silent until after the public announcement at Computex May 31st - June 4th. Sales release would probably happen shortly after. Maybe we'll get some leaks or even reviews in May.
  13. I'm guessing all the angles help it avoid radar.

  14. A rumored price leak from Chiphell is suggesting $499 for the 1070 and $650 for the 1080. Even if 100% accurate Nvidia can certainly change prices before launch. Of course without benchmarks it's hard to say what kind of performance/value these will have but here are my predictions.

    1060 = ?
    1070 = $499 = 980 +10% performance
    1080 = $649 = 980Ti + 20% performance

    I'll also make the following predictions. Nvidia will have the fastest card with the 1080 and can charge what they want for it until AMD releases Vega next March.

    470 = $149 = 380
    470x = $199 = 380x
    480 = $269 = r9 390
    480x = $399 = Fury
  15. Nvidia is supposed to announce the new cards this Friday along with Battlefield 5. It's possible there could be reviews released the same day. I'm hoping to see a 1070 that's near 980Ti in performance at around $450. My gut is telling me the Polaris 10 is going to be closer to OCed 980 but for significantly less. Maybe $350. I dunno. There has never been anything official yet so it's all guesses until Friday.

  16. There appears to be some early leaks of a 1080 in 3Dmark. This particular card was about 25% faster than a stock 980ti or about 4% faster than the fastest OCed 980ti you can buy. Clock per clock it's actually a slower than the 980ti but the 1080 boost up to 1.8GHz where a 980ti is limited to around 1.5GHz. This card had GDDR5x but it's also believed there will be a GDDR5 version of the card.

    So while interesting we certainly don't have the whole picture yet. We don't know if this is a stock or OCed version and we don't have any game benchmarks or prices. Hopefully those will come tomorrow.
  17. I watched the Nvidia conference and it was pretty impressive. In summary.

    $699 1080 Founders Edition
    $599 1080
    $449 1070 Founders Edition
    $379 1070

    1070 is supposed to be faster than a Titan X and the 1080 is Twice as fast as a Titan X. Founders Edition is for those that want to extreme overclock so maybe it's like the K version of Intel chips.

    Anyway these prices are amaze balls. Basically the new 980Ti is now $379 which is a hell of a deal since the 980Ti is still selling for $530 to $600.

    1080 will be available May 27th. 1070 June 10th.
  18. Yay for disposable income!!!
  19. $379 is killer and must be a response to the estimated $299 Polaris 10. If the 10 is what we expect then the 1070 is going to be a way better value. But it still comes down to benchmarks. Another semi interesting thing is the 1080 can hit 2Ghz which is crazy. And some guy names Tom is probably getting fired because he really messed up the slide show. At one point the CEO got off the microphone and could be heard saying he's the best guy I got. People thought it was scripted but them the pauses and verbal exchanges got really uncomfortable.