Ohio Rape Dungeon Case

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  1. Is anyone else following the case of the three kidnapped girls in Ohio who were held captive in a rape dungeon in some guy's house for 10 years, and just now escaped? The rapist liked to bring his equally creepy brothers around so they could gang rape the girls. He even had a kid with one of the girls, and the kid was kept in a separate part of the house from where her mother was chained. How the hell is something like that allowed to go on for so long? Apparently people had been suspicious, and had contacted the police about the house, but nothing was done about it. And when one of the girls did finally escape, the 911 dispatcher didn't seem to care, and didn't even stay on the line with the girl until the police arrived. I guess the police were too busy tazing people for no reason to actually go after real crimes like kidnapping, sexual slavery, and rape. What the hell does the mother even tell that kid? "Um yeah, you only exist because daddy kidnapped me when I was 16, raped me, and forced me to have you."

    The rapist and his brothers need to spend the rest of their lives with Fleece Johnson and Tossed Salad Man learning how their victims felt all those years.

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  2. No death penalty then?
  3. These douchebags kept these girls chained up for ten years and tortured and raped them. One of the girls was only 14 when she was taken. Death is too easy. Nothing less than violent rape by large angry black men with telephone pole sized penises will do in this case.

    Edit: There are rumors that these guys may have kidnapped and killed other girls, and these were just the ones they decided to keep as slaves. So if that turns out to be true, they might very well get the death penalty, as Ohio is a death penalty state. The police are searching the property for bodies.
  4. Death row first then so they can get some beatings. The news said police knocked on the door of that house once and never returned. :-\
  5. It's amazing how much of this kind of thing goes on. It's practically common in some parts of Europe. Still waiting for schmoyoho to songify the black guy who rescued them.
  6. True. There was that case in Austria where the guy lured his daughter into a soundproof rape dungeon he built in his basement, held her prisoner there for 20 years, and ended up having like 7 children with her.
  7. Fritzel?
  8. Yeah, that's the guy. I think he got life in prison.


    One of the rapists even pretended to help look for the 14 year old victim. What a nice guy.
  9. If memory serves, one of the girls mother died while she was enslaved by these madmen. That means the last time this girl and her mother saw each other the day she was captured into sex slavery hell.
  10. Looks like prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the rapist. What's disappointing is they're claiming they don't have enough evidence to charge his brothers.

  11. My mate told me the brothers knew about it but did not rape them. Not like that makes much difference you know.
  12. This case is so disgusting and despicable that if they knew about it and did nothing, they should be charged with something.
  13. They'd be accessories to rape and kidnapping, I would imagine. I'm sure a special case can be made, they should get life also, but hopefully at least 10 years.
  14. Weren't the victims underage girls? I'd kinda like to see the primary perpetrator spend some serious time in prison. Make sure he gets prominently placed on the sex offender registry as a predator of children. Such individuals get "special" treatment from inmates in maximum security prisons.

  15. The girls were ages 14, 16, and 21 when they were taken, so yes two of them were underage. So not only is the guy a rapist, he's also a pedophile who likes little girls. He's going to have fun times at the booty house.

    It sounds like the oldest girl had it worst of all. She had facial fractures and deafness from all of the beatings, and he forced her to have at least 5 miscarriages through starvation and punching her in the stomach.

    With all of the attention this case has gotten, I don't think this guy would live very long if they threw him in with the general prison population. Even prison inmates hate rapist pedophiles. He'll get what's coming to him regardless as the prosecutor is seeking the death penalty.
  16. I'm sure everyone has seen this, but we must document it!

  17. "I knew something was wrong when a pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms."