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  1. Any favourites? Any despised ones? I'll start...

    Ulysses 31

    Picked the DVD of this up the other week. Surprised that it was still good. Normally going back to an old show is disappointing but I've enjoyed watching them. The weird atmosphere and especially the soundtrack set it apart.

    The Raccoons

    What a pile of dogshit. I always wanted Cyril Sneer to crush those self-righteous Raccoons into the ground, especially Bert Raccoon. I hated that cunt.
  2. I hated that show too, that and the bloody moomins!

    Just to remind people of some of the fantastic shows available when we were kids here is part 1 of a fantastic set of intro collections..

    To be honest there was so much good stuff I wouldn't even know where to start with listing things I enjoyed. I have started buying up some of the older stuff on DVD as I feel sorry for my daughter and tripe she is forced to watch such as Dora the Explorer. It seems kids shows have lost the idea of a plot or story and just want to be educational. I get really fed up with them pausing every 10 seconds as they ask the kids the question. Its more of a problem with the Amercian shows at the moment, the English stuff is still mostly OK like Peppa Pig and Humf but none of it is up to scratch with the good old stuff....

    I say the DVD's are for my daughter but I too get some enjoyment out of them of course! I might even start becoming obsessive with it, at the moment the only entire catalogue I own is The Transformers and that was definitely for me. I think I still have a lot of stuff like Count Duckula and Button Moon on video stashed away in the loft but I have no way to play them.
  3. I wish there was a Mad Jack The Pirate DVD, but then again, it isn't a very old cartoon. :p
  4. The Transformers was my personal favourite morning show and up to about a year ago I had everything on DVD when it was "borrowed" to be never seen again.

    There were just too many awesome shows in the 80's. I think after Transformers my most enjoyed was Dungeons and Dragons but then I also really liked Centurions and MASK too.

    Cartoons of the 80's were really just super long toy commercials but they were great fun
  5. Dungeons and Dragons was awesome back in the day. I always felt sorry for the snivverly one with the shield - Eric maybe? - and the kid with club and the unicorn thing use to piss me off. Did that series ever conclude properly? An old school friend said he saw one that wrapped everything up but I never saw it. He lied a lot though.
  6. Better chalk another one up to lies.

    I didn't mind D&D but it wasn't my favourite show, I would watch it if there was nothing else on. I always through Venger looked stupid with just one horn! It never had an amazing 80's intro either which really let it down in my estimation, all cartoons back then had a song that would stay with you all day. D&D just had a stupid speech by dungeon master about who the kids were.
  7. So what's the hip cartoon of today??

    Eh sonny?? /is teasing how he sounds like an old fart...

    No but really, what the heck do kids watch today? Or do they not especially watch cartoons and do something else like play videogames. I mean I know before the 'hip' thing was shows like Avatar and DBZ (still nothing like the good ole days of Disney toons and stuff...) but now that even they are gone or winding down what is there? I mean there isn't even a Disney Block any more, with shows like Darkwing, Tale Spin, Tiny Toons etc.... After school cartoons are becoming a thing of the passed, I don't even think there's a whole lot on on Saturdays! At least not like the 80's...

    I know when my brother grew up in the 90s kids turned to Nickelodeon, Disnep and Cartoon Network rather than the regular network channels like CBS, ABC and Fox... But are these channels' content winding down? I'm not aware of the BIG 'Toon that everybody's talking about nowadays. Is there one?
  8. Just remembered another cartoon I liked in the 80's

    Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. That was pretty cool too.

    Also, strange thing to remember but I can remember the very first time that Thundercats was shown on UK television; it was Christmas Day 1986 and the only reason it sticks in my head so clearly was because my Grandad died on Christmas Day and I watched that in his house...anyway, nice and depressing.

    Also, does anyone else remember The Centurions? Or how about Battle of the Planets; Gatchaman redone in English?
  9. Whoa, 80’s were before my time but I loved the original Transformers series and even though it's not really a cartoon and is way older the original Thunderbirds was and still is awesome.
  10. Don't forget Stingray and Captain Scarlet.
  11. Awesome thread. I miss the late 80's and 90's cartoons.

    Ducktails and the ThunderCats were awesome. Does The Power Rangers count? I was obsessed with the original series.
  12. It's not a lie! The script was bought and paid for but never produced. The producers made it available to public and there is even a recording with some of the original actors reading it. The title is Requiem. You would know this if you owned the entire collection like me.


    I'm awesome.

  13. There's also a Japanese version where they had to slow the music slightly because you know how those crazy Japs love their syllables!