Old people reminisce about Half-Life 20 years later

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  1. Half-Life Recreated with Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) - INBOUND TRAM RIDE

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  2. did that open saurce half life remake ever happen? i think it was going to be called black mesa and use steam engine. will be pretty outdated now anyway.
  3. Yes. Black Mesa came out a few years ago and it was pretty decent. But it came out so late I think most people had forgotten about it.
  4. Black mesa was great and really well done. However, it is also unfinished. The final levels are still in development.
  5. Is it weird I have never got far in Half Life, but finished all of Half-Life 2 and both episodes?
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    The original Half-Life starts off a bit slow. It gets better when the Marines and Black Ops show up.

  7. Nope. I never played Half Life but I plan to play Black Mesa someday.
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    Half-Life 2 is a better game that has also aged a lot better.

    HL was a total game changer in 1998. But playing it now for the first time 20 years on, it won't have the same impact.

    When it came out there were no shooters like it. Now every shooter is like it because it totally changed the genre.
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  9. I never played the original Half-Life until I played Black Mesa. The first time I had ever played any game by Valve was the Orange Box.
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    PC gaming back in 1998 wasn't exactly easy entry. This was back during the 3dfx voodoo days where your graphics card was basically an extra card in your pc.
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    Yeah, I did not play HL1 until the PS2 version and HL2/s with the orange box Xbox 360 collection. I should play black mesa if it ever gets completed.

    Unreal 4 of the tram intro. It looks good.

  12. I installed Half-Life to play Team Fortress and Counter Strike. I wanna say there was also a death match mod because I remember running around swinging a crowbar. I don't think I played the actual single player mode until 2 years after release.

    Good times.
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    Something else I would add about Half-Life is that while all modern shooters borrow ideas from it, they don't borrow all of its ideas. The last several hours of the game, Valve got real weird and experimental with things. The Xen levels are like playing Super Mario in a hazard suit. I don't hate the Xen levels the way some people do. But they are very strange, and they are something other games haven't tried to copy.

    Also Opposing Force is an absolutely amazing expansion pack. You play as a Marine trying to hunt down Gordon Freeman. It had better weapons than HL and you could command a squad of Marines. You see key moments of the events in HL from the perspective of the government cleanup crew. From their perspective Gordon Freeman is the villain who caused the accident and is now on the run. It's very cool. And it's the game that launched Gearbox Software, now known more for the Borderlands games. I wish someone would modernize it because it was great.

    And while Half-Life had deathmatch, it was a little mod called Counter-Strike that most people actually played. It's only the most popular, most played, longest lived multiplayer shooter of all time.
  14. It's a shame Valve stopped wanting to make games. Half-life 3, An brand new look Counter-Strike and a Left 4 Dead 3 or something new and unique.
  15. Alyx was also pretty revolutionary in HL2 with the co-operative AI. It seems like normal stuff now but back then it wasn't. I think that's the reason we wont see HL3. Every HL game and expansion was either a tech demo or it revolutionized the genre. If Valve releases HL3 it can't be like other games. It has to do something new that makes everyone say OMG.
  16. honestly though, if you think about it, them releasing a new half-life game or a sequel to any of their AAA titles would make anyone say omg. the action of just releasing a game from their company is omg material.
  17. That cliffhanger from Episode 2 though is still a prick way to end the series. An episode 3 just to finish it off would have been enough. No clue why they did not bother back then.

    Old people in the title, lol I am only 32 still in my optimus prime!
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    The only way I ever see HL3 getting finished is if Valve brings in another developer to do the hard work and acts in a consulting role, kind of like they did with Gearbox on the expansions for the original HL.

    Valve is more of a distributor than a developer now, and their work culture is too laid back to ever finish a game.
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    lol at the thread title. It's crazy how much time has passed

    20 years since the original Half-Life
    14 years since Half-Life 2
    11 years since the Orange Box
  20. Fuck, we deffo old now!