OnePlus One

Discussion in 'Technology' started by bfun, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Any thoughts on this phone? Snapdragon 801. More memory than a Galaxy S5. Cheaper than a Nexus 5. Comes loaded with Cyanogenmod and can only buy it on a Tuesday.

  2. My friend bought one... I didn't get the hype. You could put CM on a newer spec'd phone and come out ahead. I'm a big fan of fingerprint unlock as well and this can't do it. Also, I don't like the feel of the back plate/cover on my hands.
  3. The hype was that on paper it was a better phone than Samsung's flagship at half the price. Of course now there is the S6.
  4. It's a solid phone and you aren't going to do much better for the price without signing a contract. If you didn't buy it, you have 7 more days to think it over.
  5. It isn't a great option in the UK because it doesn't support LTE Band 20 which Vodafone and O2 both use. EE is fully supported and I believe 3 works to a degree but they do sometimes use 20 in some areas so you can lose signal.