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    Anyone else play poker for money online?

    I have been dabbling in it for a month now and making money from a game I enjoy is good, as well as the fun factor. I only use small amounts of money so it is not stupid gambling. I alter my time playing it between tournaments and just money tables.

    I have been through a good two days as I came 3rd out of 400 people in a tournament last night. I was £2.50 buy in and my account was $19.80 once finished. I then wen't on some money tables and managed to make up to $50. Just now I managed to take that to $106 and knowing my bad luck of going on a win run and losing I withdrew the $100 and kept the $6 to play about.

    I just hope the $ to £ is not that damaging from $100.
  2. So I guess online gambling is legal there? What about casinos?
  3. Oh I forgot it got banned over there. Yeah, it is all legal over here.
  4. I used to play Poker with my mates every Sunday for a few years. It's less common these days as instead of living in that house I live 50 miles away, but I still like to play. We each put a fiver or a tenner into the pot and the winner takes all, that way we don't end up blowing a month's wages in one night.

    I used to play PKR which was (and still is) awesome. Mostly just the practice tables but I did start playing for money after a while. I had to stop playing because of people playing viking. You join the small bet tables you know, like £1 big blind or something and people ALWAYS raised it to like £10, just to see the flop. That's when I stopped playing.

    I love the fact that you can see everyone's avatars at the table and there's dozens of animations and actions ranging from a simple greeting to calling someone a chicken, with the flapping arms and everything. You can also choose what mood you're in and your character will reflect that in his comments. So much better than looking at a top down view of a table with a bunch of cards and a little picture, that just feels like you're playing against bots quite frankly.
  5. I play on 888 poker. Lost about £120 this last two weeks due to tilting, big beats and players always playing for the flush or high card on the river.

    I am going to stick to freerolls now so I can build back up. There is a special xmas freeroll running until after xmas which can met 1st place $2000. So any where between 1st - 10th will bring good money.
  6. The legality of it has wavered. It was legal then it wasn't then it sort of was and now it might be legal again.
  7. I don't see why it should be seeing as the person chooses to gamble. Unleas it was banned due to companys rigging and scamming people to lose.
  8. In the past it wasn't regulated which was part of the problem. Any Joe Blow could start their own gambling ring. Now it's regulated but I think some states still have issues with it.
  9. It still seems odds are in the favour of the house though when I have gambled. That or just bad luck on my part.
  10. The operate from showdy haven countries areas with little regulation. Full Tilt was the biggest one and was found to not have enough money on hand to cash out players.
  11. I am quitting playing with my money now after loosing so much to bad beats and fishs and donks hoping for straights or flushes.

    I am just going to stick to freerolls and play with winnings from that. There are supet xmas freerolls running to jan 1st with the top ten finish places getting $100 so i need to somehow win one
    Of those to get my money back. Worth a shot.
  12. Dammit! Just spent the last three hours on a poker tournament for $2.500 1st place price(Plus 1-259 paid places) and I got knocked out after 38 people due to being short stacked and given shite cards.

    So close to making over £1000 money. :( I made $50 profit still so no real lose.
  13. You need to know when to hold them and know when to fold them.
  14. Oh I know, my chips were just getting chopped down due to the massive blinds and deep stacked players going all in or betting more than our chip count to stop us from betting. I had fun and made profit so a good day.
  15. Didn't 'The Gambler' end up dying in his sleep in that song? Permanent fold.
  16. you made a bit of money but you lost 3 hours.
  17. I had nothing better to do at that time of night tbh.
  18. well I guess there's good and bad in that statement lol. anyway I doubt they are as mad as you that they lost 50 bucks to you. Who really won in this deal? You'd probly had been better off wasting those 3 hours on facebook lol.

    in the end 3 hours is >>> 50 (bucks? do these sites use american currency?) jmo but I value my time even if it's nothing but free time. I try not to do things I might regret I think it improves my attitude. Not that there's anything wrong with your attitude but :)
  19. I would have still made more than working for three hours. So late night + boredom = cash. Facebook gets boring after 10 minutes, lol.
  20. I finally won a tournament. My highest ranked finish being third. Not the biggest money in and win tornys but I still made £8 profit from 94p.

    Made £37 profit this week from £10 so things are going well.