Operation FrankenBoy SP

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by hawk4x4, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. So I scored big this weekend. I was randomly in a local video game shop and they had a GBA SP in their case. It was beat to hell, looked awful, but I got all excited, because it was light blue. The light blue GBA SPs were the newer AGS101 models with the backlit LCD. They were selling it like any other shitty looking GBA for $30. Its hard to find NON-WORKING backlit models for less than $40-50. Sold!

    Why you might ask?

    My pride and joy, my original silver SP that I bought on launch day in May of 2003, had been broken for about two-three years. The shoulder buttons didn't function. The power switch was loose and would randomly slide to the off position. The screen was full of dust on the inside. So I went without my companion.

    I had previous purchased a special screwdriver since Nintendo used special screws. I had opened it up, did everything I could, but couldn't fix most of the problems.

    So now I have this AGS101 model. So I go home and gut them both and take the best parts and put them into my silver SP. Success! For the first time in years, I can rehash my Game Boy Advance collection!

    First stop: Metroid Fusion.
  2. You swapped the backlit lcd too? Are portable electronics from 2003 still portable by 2012 stadards?
  3. It's more portable than any of the DS models. I enjoy the games more too.

    It being portable doesn't much matter. I'm not really carrying it around. That's what my iPhone is for.