Patriot Act set to expire on May 29, 2011

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by hawk4x4, May 24, 2011.

  1. The Patriot Act expires on May 25th if Congress doesn't extend it.

    I have been against this piece of legislation since its inception back in 2001. It violates the 4th amendment and completely contradicts the principle conditions of liberty this country was founded on. There are quite a few Senators, from both parties, whom are planning to waste time debating the renewal until it expires. I wish them luck in their quest.
  2. Hopefully this expires. And then never let us speak of it again.
  3. Actually there is a clause in the new Patriot Act that guarantees we'll be thrown in prison if we do.
  4. This isn't directly connected to the reauthorization of the Patriot Act, but it demonstrates how aggressive of a police state the US has become.

    These people got roughed up and arrested because they committed the high crime of dancing at the Jefferson Memorial. Lock these dancing terrorists up! What ISN'T illegal at this point? That is, besides stealing billions of dollars if you are big bankers or oil executives. That's OK, but dancing in public?!?! We may have to authorize the death penalty if they continue with this objectionable behavior. This nonsense can't be tolerated for obvious reasons.
  5. What's the patriot act? Or don't I want to know?
  6. Are you familiar with George Orwell and 1984?
  7. I know it's about big brother and some sort of total control/constantly being watched society but that's about it.
  8. It basically authorizes the government to do whatever it wants, without challenge, or due procedure, in the name of national security. It may sound nice on paper, but it's been used numerous times without any national security interest.