PAYDAY The Heist

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by khaid, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Anyone tried this? It's $5 on the Amazon summer sale currently (where the hell is the steam summer sale!?) and activates on steam.

    Think L4D campaign finale, and drag it out over 45min. That's how a payday mission plays out. It's pretty damn fun if you liked L4D. Just like L4D, it's 4 player coop, but with character progression. You can play an assault, sharpshooter, or support class and skill them up as you play.

    I'm not sure when it's coming out, but valve worked with the dev to push out a No Mercy map from the original L4D story.

    It's basically a piece of the L4D story before the outbreak happened. It seems like the guys take on a mission to infiltrate the hospital and get a sample from one of the patients in the hospital under quarantine.
  2. Do we get bum rushed by mobs of nurses? If so I'm in.
  3. Now free to play on Steam until Sunday 1PM