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  1. I'm slowing working my way back into the master race, and one of the things I'll be in the market for sooner than later is a good headset. I am cheap and do not spend top dollar on any gaming stuff, so I'm primarily looking at the sub-$100 offerings, with minor flexibility if there is a particular headset that is worth it. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Just a few notes: I do not need wireless, wired is fine for me because I'd prefer better sound for less money. I prefer analog to USB because then I also have the option of using it with other devices, like my PS4, if I ever choose to. Plus I still have my Forte X-Fi sound card running on community drivers, so I might as well use it with an analog headset while it still works.

    My last headset was a HyperX Cloud, and I was not impressed by it at all. The cabling is cheap, and the inline volume control / mute button unit stopped functioning early on. The mic stopped working at all recently, which is why I'm shopping around. The sound was never impressive. I had a pair of old steelseries headphones that I loved, which cost me half the price as the Hyper X Clouds but sounded twice as good.

    I'd love it if anyone can make a recommendation.
  2. There is no such thing as cheap and good in the PC world. Sennheiser Game Zero or go home.
  3. I have Plantronics and Creative headsets I bought on the cheap and they suck donkey. My advice is to get an AD500X for $70 and use a random USB mic like monkey said. They run pretty well out of any headphone jack and you'll eventually wonder how you lived without them.

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  4. Should I go the separate mic route? If so, I just need a mic. I've got a pair of Sennheiser Urbanite XLs that I am currently using for just about everything. I just felt like I was missing out if I don't have the cool gaming headset with giant mic in my face, like on the cool kids in the interweb streams.

    In fact, my Urbanites have a mic on the cord, I just have to get an adapter. It uses the a single 3 pole 3.5mm, intended for phones and combo ports, so I need a cheap splitter.