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  1. Just wonder if all PC games can be used properly with a controller? I have Max Payne 1 and 2 and know that will work fine, but will games such as KoToR work too?
  2. The Xbox 360 controller is plug and play with the vast majority of PC games.
  3. The wired one is. The wireless one requires a dongle
  4. I dunno, MP1 is pretty old and ofc old games won't work with it (without xpadder). This is how I play Oddworld, it doesn't have controller controls so xpadder re-maps it so it thinks your controller is a keyboard! Xpadder has multiple profiles for as many games as you like plus you can macro multiple keystrokes into a single button, or make it turbo (ok I'm sort of fibbing about that one... I just thought of it don't know if it works. It should though wouldn't be hard to do...). So yeah, if it doesn't work all you need is xpadder. It knows what controller you plugged in if you have multiple controllers too. the ps3 controller works with the pc too... I think.... somehow... but I don't know how or if it has a program like xpadder or if xpadder works with it.
  5. I only have a PS3 control with wired USB. I have it working with MP1 so that is good, but FPS and 3PS are anyway. I am using a program called Pinnacle game profiler which you download special made button packs which works on whatever game you have downloaded the file for.

    KoToR is different to the Xbox version so it might be weird...I dunno
  6. Kotor is awesome without a controller too ya know........ But I used ps3 controller and a program that made games think it was all kinds of things. Keyboard, 360, plug and play. It could even do joystick tho I don't believe it could do macros or turbo
  7. Awesome news. I loved both the KoToR's back in my original Xbox day so glad its possible. I looked at some videos of the PC version and the move list bars are in the top corner. Is it possible to move it to the bottom corner like the Xbox version?

    Never PC gamed much so getting on the bandwagon now with games I can run.
  8. it would be backwards to play the pc version of kotor with a controller. just buy a cheap mouse for your laptop.

    bioware redid the pc version's ui specifically for keyboard and mousing purposes.
  9. I'm not a keyboard and mouse person. I found out that during my two years of WoW.
  10. well if you find out a way.. good luck. The pc ui really did get a major overhaul from the console version (I owned both).

    The game is old and doesnt support widescreen resolutions either. You might need to download a patch so it'll stretch to fit.
  11. You're correct it does work with PS3 controllers. I have mine set up for one of my USB slots on my laptop and use xpadder whenever I want to play San Andreas etc. Just don't ask me how I did it. I remember looking at many websites and forums last year trying to find out how to get the laptop to recognise the controller as a device to be used rather than a device to be charged when plugged in. I did it but with it being PC related it wasn't fucking easy.

    It's strange, although I use a keyboard and mouse at work and have used them for games in the past such as Half Life, Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament I still way prefer a controller. I know you get more accuracy in shooters using a mouse but I prefer using an analogue stick for movement. Using binary keys for movement just feels really outdated to me, plus if I use a keyboard and mouse for an extended period of time I get aches in my arm and sometimes pain in my wrist. My experience with using controllers on PC is not that great. My PS3 controller does work on my laptop but the movement the sticks provide feel really odd. Playing Fallout 3 with my PS3 pad on my laptop is a bizarre experience and it's more difficult than using it on my PS3. Likewise I've use proper PC controllers in the past but they just felt odd and I didn't like them.
  12. I don't mind using 'wasd' keys in the third person but when in first person you just have many more axis' to consider and a keyboard just doesn't do that too well for me.
  13. Indeed. I have been a console gamer since the early 90's so I only feel comfortable with a controller.
  14. The ONLY time you should be using controllers when playing games on a PC is with emulators, with PC games you should use keyboard + mouse every time.

    It is a far more precise system and PC games that are designed to use it will suffer as a result of using a clunky controller, infact it will probably get you killed a lot!
  15. I've been a PC gamer for most of my life, and it baffles me that people tolerate controllers in first person games. It's just so horribly imprecise and unnatural feeling. I suffered through it in Halo CE and a few other popular console games so I could play with friends, but I was not a happy camper. I just feel like I have little or no control over what's happening in the game when I'm fumbling around with sticks. There's no immersion because I'm too worried about the awful controls.

    @armadeadn and phisix

    I'm guessing you guys have probably only used crappy keyboards (maybe even just the laptop keyboard) and cheap mice.

    Pick up a high end logitech mouse and a decent keyboard like an MS Natural Elite and you'll understand why we keep saying controllers suck balls.
  16. Mice are good, although they tend to do a number on my wrist after a while (I can hear monkey saying "not if you use a good one") keyboards suck balls for gaming imo.
  17. Again, not if you use a good one. I'd be willing to bet you have no exposure to good keyboards. Ever used an IBM Model M, Das Keyboard, MS Natural Elite or Pro? Your laptop keyboard is a piece of shit.

    My keyboard and mouse are much less stressful on my wrists and hands than a controller. I can play for hours. After about 20-30 minutes with a controller, my hands are cramping. The Xbox 360 controller also has big lumps under the triggers that dig into my fingers. Ouch.
  18. Like you said Monkey, you have been PC gaming with a mouse and keyboard for your whole life so you are comfortable with it and feel natural with it too. Me and Arma on the other hand are the opposite but with controllers. I can play non stop for most of the day and my hands wont hurt or anything, and analogue sticks are fine for me I never had a problem.

    I know the mouse is the best for precision in FPS's and even PVP in WoW, but it feels wrong when I do it and I cannot get the hang of it. Like I said before, I tried learning in WoW for PVP and PVE and even some free FPS on the PC a few years back but it's not for me, controllers are.
  19. I'm a console gamer but I know for a fact that keyboard and mouse is a much better control method. I wish PS3 games supported it but it would give those players a massive advantage online.
  20. You're doing it wrong bro! You're right though, the only keyboards I've used are the standard ones that came with the PC/laptop. What advantages do the expensive ones offer besides being more ergonomic?