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  1. Thinking about getting a PC monitor so I can play my PS4 on(Gave away my TV for my kid and I game via PS4 remote play on my Laptop which looks blurry most of the time and only does 720p) it and in 1080p finally. Was wondering if you guys in the know, know if any of these two are okay to get? Don't care about built in speakers and I can get audio from the PS4 controller when my headset is connected to it. Heard monitors are better than TVs for gaming due to the lower ms.

    I have a budget of £90 due to Xmas coming up.



    or this:


  2. In your price range there wont be a whole lot of difference between monitors. Without seeing them in person you'll just have to take a chance. Between those two I'd go for the Acer because it's bigger. The Samsung is a 22" which means the panel is a bit of a gamble. 22"s were mainstream about 15 years ago and they weren't that great.
  3. Well I can push to £100 really but I need to buy a longer HDMI cable as mine now is a bit too small so I am trying to keep it to £90. As long as its big enough to see from a few meters away and gives me the best graphics I can get out of my PS4 I will be happy. It's just for the foreseeable future anyway until I finally get a better TV.

    Is it possible to connect it to external speakers as well if I ever decide I need sound from it in the future?
  4. Not from the monitor. You could connect something to the PS4 and change the audio output.
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    A used Dell Ultrasharp U2312HM might be a good option. It would need an HDMI/DVI adapter.

    Bfun is right about 22 inch monitors. They were popular in 2006. But they had a different resolution back then (1680x1050). I have no idea how they are now.
  6. Will probably go for the Acer one or something similar. Bigger size the better really. That and 1080p and its enough for now.

    I'll have a proper look when I get paid this week.
  7. Acer monitor came today and its pretty sweet. Such a big different going from only ever having 720p to 1080p. Size is decent enough as well. Everything looks better and is much clearer. Everything seems faster though as well. Pretty happy with it.
  8. Monitors have lower input lag and faster response times than TVs. Some of them also have higher refresh rates. It feels faster because it is. This is why you pretty much always see competitive gamers using monitors.
  9. That is one of the main reasons I got one as well, especially as I play Fortnite so need that extra edge. Spent yesterday being in awe of how great Red Dead Redemption 2 looks haven't never having a 1080p screen before and after using the crappy PS4 remote play the last few years via my Laptop screen. Seeing small details and things I never noticed before.

    Last of Us 2 once it is out is going to blow my mind.
  10. Pretty good deal here. Monoprice 32" 144Hz 1440p VA panel $290. Input lag and response time is not great and performance is more around 75 to 100Hz. Tom's hardware called it a superb value last month at $400. They said it was acceptable for the casual gamer. I'd say most VA and IPS panels fall under the description of acceptable for gaming.