Peggle for android free on amazon appstore today only

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by khaid, Jun 21, 2011.


    Another popcap game exclusive to amazon appstore for now. 74mb. Requires wifi to download.
  2. I don't know what the hell this is, but in for 1.

  3. My Nexus One is supposed to be coming back from repair today, if I get it back in time I may get this. Monsly was banging on about it being addictive at some point in the past.

    Not bad service really, HTC picked it up on Thursday and it is coming back today (Tuesday). Also the 24 month HTC warranty is a nice thing.
  4. If you live outside of the US, amazon will tell you that you live outside of the geographical region they support. Apparently, the amazon appstore is exclusive to the US for now. But the good thing is that it looks like they only check that by the info you keyed in for your account info.

    Use and it'll give you a fake US address to work with.
  5. If they're going to keep giving shit away for free I'm going to keep downloading it.
  6. My Nexus One has come back..

    Just downloading a new image to root it and upgrade to the latest Android release (which is downloading at 100KB/second) and then I might have a go at faking a US address and downloading.
  7. Wow, I had no idea that HTC backed that device for 2 years. That's pretty damn awesome. That phone is legit too. Still a solid device to this day. I thought one of the best things about the nexus one was the official car dock. I don't know why there aren't other car docks like this. The dock has a built in bluetooth speaker that supports a2dp so you can boost the audio for the voice navigation if needed.

    I tried this game a few minutes ago. I like shooting the finale ball. Felt like a god.
  8. I think its only in Europe, in the US according to their warranty statement its only the bog standard 12 month warranty.

    Isn't that pretty long for a US warranty anyway? I am sure in the past I have seen people say things over there only come with a very short warranty period? Over here everything electrical comes with a 12 month minimum.