Pet Peeves

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. People who put kleenex boxes against the back window of their car. Whats the point? It's not easy to get to and they're just encouraging sick people to break into their car.
  2. I keep my tissue box in the little cubbyhole in the middle of my car. Easy access for everybody!
  3. Chewing noises or loud eaters.
  4. People who play handhelds whilst walking around. I'm sorry, I'll get out of your way, shall I? Your game is much more important, I know.
  5. Chocolate chips inside M&M cookies. Why would anyone do that? Why?
  6. Groups of people walking down sidewalks or hallways that won't rearrange themselves to let oncoming people pass by easily. No, I won't step in the mud for you.
  7. I hate people that scream obscenities after they fart.
  8. Who does that? Seems odd.

    I hate people who, despite being in a queue for 5 minutes, are suddenly surprised when they need to pay for something and then spend a minute or two looking for their cash or finding their bank card. First against the wall I tell you.
  9. People who make promises or plans who say you can count on me or make it seem they will never change what they said for that earlier statement.
  10. It's the American way.
  11. I don't like those sign dancing guys. You know, the ones that stand out by the street and have a sign with some business name on it. They dance and spin the sign around. Creeps me out.
  12. People who spill drinks on my carpets. Pisses me off.
  13. Philosophy majors.

    You can't have a proper discussion on a topic with them without them questioning axioms upon which it is built, even if (which they usually are) they are completely illogical arguments that they construct to support their ideas.
  14. Seems like your chaps are further along the evolutionary chain to ours. Ours still just stand in the same spot with the sign pointing to some shop probably earning themselves £1 an hour.

    I look forward to the day when they start dancing.
  15. Sounds like somebody lost a debate. But, then again, can one even define what a debate is without destroying the true notion of its meaning?
  16. There was nothing to lose, because as they said there was 'nothing there' in the first place. Bunch of quacks.
  17. so, when the cow jumped over the moon... was it a full moon or just a crescant moon?? cuz personally... I really don't think a cow can jump that far. Especially after reaching the moon
  18. Surely the point is that you can read the sign as you go past? If I drove past him at 30MPH I wouldn't have a clue what he was advertising.
  19. There is a method to it. Sometimes they hold the sign upside down which seems stupid but I guess people take notice.

    And I just noticed you used MPH. Was that for my sake? Thank you for being so considerate!