Phisix\'s Retro Play: Episode 1 - Chrono Trigger

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    I actually started these back in PVC2 but as it got lost in translation I will restart again. These threads are designed as discussion on classic or retro games(PS2 and consoles back further) and of course how I do playing through each of the games I play. As a word of warning these threads will contain spoilers so be warned if you don't want to know.

    For Episode 1 I am playing Chrono Trigger from the Snes.

    Talk from the chat room to here:

    I am enjoying every bit at the moment, and I hear it will just get better. The music is although nothing new or special, it fits the game perfect.

    Anyway on with my current play-through update:

    I climbed up that mountain in 600BC and I battled the bosses Masa and Mune and got the sword which is needed to defeat Magus: Masamune. I then went on to meet Frog and get the other half which the guy who can fix it said I need a "Dreamstone to fix it". I saved and left it there as it is quite late now. I will carry on tomorrow.

    At this moment in time I am having no troubles dealing with enemy's or the bosses. Maybe this is because at the very start of the game I levelled up Chrono by a few levels against that robot in the faire. It may get harder but it is no problem as I am playing for the story really.
  2. Man the story of this game is starting to get really interesting. I finally went after Magus by scaling his tower and taking him and his generals out and then I managed to do all the 35,000,00BC storyline about the Raptites which you find out about Lavo's, then I just finished up finding that futuristic kingdom of Zeal. I met the Queen but after a boss battle I was captured let go, and the portal to that kingdom was sealed by a mysterious guy. I am thinking Magus? It is also good as the history's and characters are starting to make sense at this point and what some of their connections are.

    It is a shame that I missed out on playing this back in the Snes days.

    For people who played this: Who was your favourite team line up? At the moment I am quite liking Chrono, Ayla and marle. Marle and Ayla have this two man combo which is dishing out over a whopping 1000hp damage at the moment which speeds up boss battles.
  3. The music isn't special? I think it has one of the best scores in video game history. The music in Chrono Trigger is magical to me.

    The most powerful party when leveled up is probably Chrono, Robo, and Ayla, but there are multiple ways you can go. Frog was probably my favorite character, so I would sometimes sub him in. All the characters are pretty good.
  4. It just doesnt sound that special to me, although it has the best sounds created on the SNES.

    I love Frog, especially his ribbit noise, but at the moment I have Ayla in instead of him because of her combo move with Marle. If you do not use Marle, do I take it Ayla learns some nice healing moves like Marle? That is the only reason I have her in my team, which is healing.
  5. Robo is the best healer in the game. I use him for healing. Or Frog if I have him in there instead. Ayla is a heavy hitter and has the charm ability. I liked Robo, Ayla, and Frog quite a bit.
  6. Robo as a healer eh. I would have not guessed that. Does he learn a "heal all" single spell? Those are the types of spells I like as it saves time for the other characters to unleash their best moves instead of helping out healing with potions.

    I hear "You know who" dies. Is that a permanent thing?
  7. Aeris?? lol
  8. Robo can use Cure Beam and Heal Beam for single and multiple people, respectively. He's one of the best characters without a doubt.
  9. I used to use him before Ayla as he has a combo with Chrono that would deal damage to all enemy's and most of the time would kill them all in one shot. Now that I have lightning 2 and Ice 2 they can do that against all enemies on screen. I may change him for Marle.

    That is Final Fantasy VII, not Chrono Trigger. :p
  10. I always start this game but never get much further than the wasteland in the future
  11. Same here, gets boring very quickly and I don't like the battle system at all.
  12. More RPGs need multiplayer co-op. Secret of Mana was probably the most fun I've ever had playing an RPG.
  13. I heard Secret of Mana was amazing with it's co-op play, and it will be one of my episodes since I have it on this PC. Sadly it will only be single player though.

    I have a ton of old classics to get through so I hope I get Chrono Trigger done soon.
  14. I think ZSNES allows you to play it online. So if you can find some willing people you can do it co-op.

    You don't get the other two characters until a little way into the game, so it's kinda staggered co-op.
  15. Not have any friends who have it? That's what netplay is for on SNES emulators. I played it 2 player back in the day with a friend while we were in Cornwall, took the SNES for times when his parents were getting ready to go out etc.

    I am not sure if I prefer SoM or SD3, both fantastic. Shame the series has been pretty poor since, LoM on the PSX was terrible and I spent a lot of money getting that imported just to be disappointed.
  16. Just be warned; If you're playing as the main guy, will you annoyed as hell when both the magic users are spamming the menus.
  17. The rings system does really slow the game down at times and if the sprite chain spams a boss like you say there will be a lot of sitting around doing nothing. When playing 2 player one of us tended to be the sprite and one the girl, that way we both had access to magic.
  18. Oh, the number of times I've ruined swordguy's charge attack. Chortle
  19. I was looking for this game on the DS the other day but couldn't find it anywhere :(
  20. The DS Legends of Mana or whatever one isn't a patch on the SNES Secret of Mana.