Pixel - Phone by Google

Discussion in 'Technology' started by supersonic, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. The Google Phone has finally arrived... but it's called: Pixel, Phone by Google.
    And it's a really bad iPhone knockoff.

    Bezel for symmetry is stupid enough on the iPhone but the lower bezel on Pixel does absolutely nothing. I actually prefer physical/capacities buttons on Android to saves screen real estate. But if you're going to ditch them shrink the fucking bezel!

  2. Headphone jack burn.

  3. The phone is getting tons of hate.. and it's mainly due to pricing. Google has been known to price their devices very well in the past, so I can see negative feedback for it. Especially now that they're trying to go head to head with apple (according to their marketing), falling short, and with a pricepoint exactly like the iphone 7.
  4. All those years to get it right it's hard to believe all the design blunders.

    I wouldn't be able to sleep at night with that much unused bezel. The power and volume rocker on the same side is a major pet peeve as well.

    I'll be curious to see if the Android "issues" disappear on this. Might get me interested in v2.

    Although I've nearly bought all in on Tim Cook's customer vs product narrative.
  5. For me price and battery life are the most important things. I've never given that much thought to bezels and buttons.
  6. Pixel has been getting rave reviews so far. My go to reviewer, MKBHD hasn't done a full review. But he has a brief overview of Android 7.1 features and a Google Assistant v Siri video.