Pizza Guy gets $30k tip

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  1. When trolling goes wrong...

    Car dealership decides to troll pizza guy after paying $50 on a $42 bill. After the guy leaves, they call up the manager and claim driver didn't give them change. He is forced to drive back and return the $7. They found the situation so hilarious, they decide to post it on the internet for the lulz! In a surprise only to them, it backfires spectacularly.

    Drivers gotten over $30k in donations...

    F&R Auto has been wiped from the internet... their webpage looks like it got hacked and re-routed to Google. Their social media is trashed with 1* ratings with hilarious reviews. Their accounts with industry related sources have been suspended due to the flood of incoming crank calls.
  2. Seems like justice was served on some complete dickheads. Hopefully this causes them to go out of business. Way too many assholes in this world who love picking on the little guy. I bet the jerks working at the dealership are all Republicans. Republicans think picking on the working poor is hilarious.
  3. I duno. The odds of the black guy being a republican is about 4%.
  4. Didn't see the black guy. Was talking more abou the bald wierdo.
  5. Any chance this is a an elaborate hoax and everyone involved is going to split the cash? Maybe Jimmy Kimmel pulled another web prank.
  6. Lucie Swells, AKA green hat chick with porno name.

  7. So what does this mean?
  8. Must you go looking for meaning on the internet? My best guess in this case is, shut your phone off and delete internet profiles before incurring the wrath of /b/.