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  1. As we all know, the platinum trophy is a symbol of superiority over the peasant scum casual gamer.

    What games are you trying to platinum and what have you recently got a platinum trophy for?

    I've been on a bit of a binge in the last three weeks and have done:

    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - this was pretty straightforward apart from the damned dashes. Some of the routes are ridiculous.

    Gravity Rush 2 - fairly easy apart from having to grind the 60,000 crystal trophy.

    Psychonauts - this was a pain in the arse with the immense number of collectables and missable trophies.

    The Last Guardian - awful game to platinum. I don't know why they do it but every team ICO/gendesign game has speedrun trophies which really ruin the game. There's also a terribly tedious trophy for listening to all the hints in the game which just involves going to an area and standing around until the game decided to throw one at you.

    Having done the last guardian, I'm tempted to go back to Shadow of the Colossus and platinum that but hard time attack #3 fills me with dread. I managed it on the PS2 version but the improved framerate in the HD remaster really messes with the physics.

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is probably the next one I will actually go for.
  2. I may go for a platinum for Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Nier: Automata unless there is a trophy that is ridiculously tedious to get. I don't bother with trophies unless I really like the game and the trophies are not absurd grindfests. Difficult is fine. I got the Big Boss Emblem in MGS4 before trophies even existed. But I won't do the "kill easiest enemy 100,000 times" nonsense. I also do not care for speed run trophies and usually won't go for them.
  3. The last one I got was for FFXV. It was quite easy to get but it was basically just a time sink to get some of them.(Like the Gladious survival one)

    I am actually one trophy away from the Rocket league platinum and I have been since last year but I have not the patience to just grind another 50 matches to get the items needed to unlock it. I will at some point though.
  4. Playing the original or was there an HD remake?
  5. There's an HD port on the PS4. I got mine for free when I preordered Rhombus of Ruin.

    The PS2 didn't have trophies.
  6. You should be ok with Nier. I think after a few playthroughs the game lets you buy trophies with ingame currency.

    I also forgot I got the day of the tentacle platinum. That wasn't too bad to get.
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    Nier: Automata

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I'm still only 2 trophies from the Ratchet platinum for the 2 races. And 2 from Destiny because I just don't like what you need to do to get them.
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn.

    Really liked the trophy list for this one. Easy to platinum, though you'll have some people complain that it's too easy.

    I'm pretty sure those people are teenagers with nothing better to do with their time though.

    Working my way through Nier Automata. It's got a fishing trophy which automatically ranks it as one of the worst trophy lists I've seen this year.
  9. Got my Nier platinum. I bought most of the shitty side quest and fishing trophies. The game didn't really click for me.
  10. Got the platinum for Everything.

    I suppose at it's most basic, it's a "be everything" simulator. It's got voice clips from some philosopher guy and some existential chat from the things.

    It's quite a nice game to zone out in, i can easily lose a few hours in it at a time.

    I got a katamari damacy vibe from it.
  11. Got the Horizon plat. Was quite simple.