Play Station 4.5 and Xbone Too

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    That seems...unlikely. Hardware fragmentation would be a big problem for developers. People with a current PS4 would feel like they got screwed. One of the big advantages of consoles, that they used fixed hardware and you don't have to worry about being left behind by new hardware, would vanish.

    And then there's the fact that there isn't really a practical way to make a mass market 4K console right now. A 980 Ti barely manages 4K at playable framerates and costs $650-$700. Console gamers are not going to pay the $800+ it would cost for a console with a 980 Ti level GPU. Look at what happened with the original fat PS3. People flipped out at the $600 price tag, and didn't buy the PS3 in large numbers until Sony got the price down later in the generation with the PS3 Slim.

    The origin for this rumor is Kotaku and some other trashy rumor sites. So I just can't take it that seriously.

    What I think is more likely is that this ends up being a short generation because AMD sold the console makers such underpowered hardware, and Microsoft made things even worse for themselves by using slow DDR3 system memory instead of GDDR5, limiting them to 720p/30fps for most games. PS5 and Xbox 4 will probably come out in Q4 2017. What we are actually seeing is Sony getting stuff in place for their next console, which will be 4K capable. In two years 4K capable GPUs should be more affordable, and 4K TV adoption will be higher as earlier 720p and 1080p HDTVs fail and get replaced with 4K TVs.

    I still haven't bought a PS4 or Xbox One and at this point I don't think I will. It's looking more and more like this generation is going to end quickly and not last a decade like that last one.
  2. Yeah actually replacing the processors with something faster seems like a a bad idea. My bet is Sony releases a VR version with new features. MS also mentioned something about a future feature to allow console gaming on the PC. Perhaps an Nvidia Shield type version where the game can be streamed to any Windows machine.