Playstation Portable 2

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  1. This will be the thread for all things PSP2. There have been a lot of rumours circulating around about it for quite some time now.

    Interesting. I just hope Sony sort out a decent analogue for the next PSP. That was my own grip about them.
  2. I'm not sure about having 3g. I mean, what's the point? is WIFI too fast or something? I also don't really like the idea of a PSP phone.
  3. That is what is going to put most of the gamers off this. Why have this when you can just get an Iphone. PSP should be just for gaming, nothing else.
  4. The PSP 2 has been unveiled today:


    The device looks similar to the PSP but with dual analog sticks, front and rear touch pads, 5-inch 960 x 544 resolution OLED display, 3G and WiFi, electronic compass on 3 axes and uses flash cards for games.



    Games shown in the press event includes a Killzone title, Hot Shots Golf, an augmented reality type game called Reality Fighters, Gravity Daze, Smart As, Broken, LBP, Little Deviants, WipEout, Resistance, and Uncharted.



    According to Kaz, the device is scheduled to be out this holiday. Stay tune for more updates.

    And lastly, I am very much into handhelds, so I will be getting both 3DS and PSP2 in time.
  5. Once again....

    Quad core cpu, that means the battery will last around 30 minutes, still that's longer than the PSP.

    I am glad they have moved to flash based storage as the PSP had horrible load times and made a lot of noise when loading. I hope they get rid of the stupid memory stick duo save requirement too.

    The PSP2 will need more AAA titles than the PSP, the later spent has spent a lot of time not being used on a shelf at home because of its lack of a decent library.
  6. Yeah, luckily even though the PSP 1 has bad battery life, it didn't really affect me in my short journey to Uni etc. But I have to agree, if I was on a long flight, the PSP would just suck on the battery life.

    So far, no news about the battery life on the PSP 2, and the possibility of playing PS2 games.
  7. Isn't this just going to encounter the same problems the original had? Maybe Sony were happy with how the PSP did I guess.
  8. I never had a problem with the PSP's battery life, always got about 6-8 hour's game time which is pretty much the same as I'm getting out if my iPod touch when gaming. Just bring a spare battery and there were no issues whatsoever.

    I'm glad to see this isn't those bullshots grim was adamant were real. All that talk of gingerbread and all that nonsense.

    Nice to see OLED on there, but im worried about the price, especially with the 3DS bumping up the price.
  9. I don't believe you especially seeing as you are a Monster Hunter fan, that game loaded every 10 seconds and must have sucked the battery dry.

    The Playstation phone still exists, it just isn't the PSP2 which some people assumed it might be. I actually think the Xperia Play (its official name) looks snazzier than the PSP2 but its a good way for Sony to expand the Playstation brand and get more people into gaming. A proper control system on a smart phone will also be a god send.

    Much more point in the phone having 3G capability than the actual PSP2 itself which to be honest I also don't understand the point of. If you want internet on the move you use your phone, you don't buy a data plan for a console that you can't use to make calls. If you do your an idiot and that goes for people who pay for 3G data plans on the iPad too!
  10. They're not really Playstation Phones, more phones that can play PSP games.
    I'm still skeptical about the two "touch sticks" on that PSP phone you showed us.
  11. My PSPS lasted like 4-5 hours while playing Monster Hunter Freedom unite non stop, so he is not lying. Looking forward to seeing Monster Hunter and Uncharted Portable on PSP2.
  12. The PSP was actually devoid of as many RPG's as it should have. I hope some original RPGS are brought to it, just like what we had with the PS1 and PS2. I can hold my breath though.
  13. Ali_f, your pictures are not working.

    Anyone actually excited at the prospect of the PSP2?
  14. Yeah, I couldn't see the pictures, but if I open the pictures in a new page, they magically appear in the forum post as well. Weird...
  15. Another question would be; Will PSP2 have better graphics than Xbox? It is said it will have the same power on par with the PS3.
  16. I think what we'll get from the NGP will be visuals like/better than Infinity Blade on iOS. Is there any news on whether it will be backwards compatible with PSP DL games?
  17. Not that we know of as of yet, but I think UMD's are non existent now, so everything will be downloadable and such. So I think it will be.

    I just had a thought. Demon Souls PSP2. *Drools
  18. I heard that it's going to have built-in batteries like the iPhone. Is this true?
  19. Has anyone heard any speculation about what CPU and GPU this thing is running? The graphics are very impressive and look current gen.
  20. Sony have apparently said it won't be 'unaffordable'. I am not so sure myself, quad core CPU + quad core GPU doesn't sound cheap to me.