Pokemon X and Y

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  1. http://youtu.be/MGKEexrjwyU​

    I guess they ran out of colours to use?​
  2. I just hope they go for a more adult theme story this time instead of the usual badges + team whoever way.
  3. Adult theme in Pokemon? I doubt it. This game does looks the tits though. I want to play it. I do have a little gripe with modern Pokemon games (anything after emerald). The Pokemon look shit. You used to be able to encounter a Pokemon you'd never seen before and almost always tell what it's types were just by looking at it. These days you can't tell unless you read it somewhere or already encountered it. But it doesn't matter because the game looks awesome, like how it should have been 6 years ago. But that too is irrelevant because I'll never own it.
  4. Why not, 3DS's are cheap now for a standard one.

    Can sense this being a awesome year for the 3DS. This and Monster Hunter alone will take up my time.
  5. Great... more faggotmon.
  6. Its still very popular after all this time. The flagship series in 3D alone is worth getting.
  7. New information and scans.

    Scans: http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml
  8. Say what you like about the cartoons, toys, and culture of pokemon. The games are genuinely good, epsecially for people like me who love levelling up and making characters stronger. Not sure about these new ones though. You can't tell what type these new Pokemon are just by looking at them as you used to be able to.
  9. That panda one looks cool, but most of them need to be harder looking. Still excited about this but I just hope its a bettet story this time, no more silly teams trying to take over the world.
  10. http://youtu.be/xMnwB6neGlY
  11. Looking good. This game is going to own.

    Fixed that video for you.
  12. Thanks. It was linked from reddit and I'm leaving work now so didn't have time to fix it.
  13. The youtube embedded button on this forum is rubbish. You have to copy the share address from the video page itself and not the url address.
  14. That's how it should be. Whenever I see someone use a full youtube link rather than a youtu.be truncated one, all I can think is noob. If it's a full url that has "gdata" attached on it, they get a free pass since that means they're on a mobile phone.
  15. I couldn't get the truncated youtube links to embed with older IE browsers. Not sure why as it's the same text.