Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by Phisix, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. I have installed the option of using Polls for the forum since it will be needed for certain discussions. It is also simple to use too which is good.
  2. Can you post a test poll in this thread?
  3. He put one in his favourite game genre thread.

    Is there a way of not having the poll thing show up when you're making a new topic unless you choose to add a poll? It's a bit annoying.
  4. Oh. I thought it was a in-post poll, not a top-of-the-thread poll. Not a fan myself, but it might make certain things easier.
  5. Not sure about the polls..before we know it every thread will turn into a poll and we'll have polls about Digestives vs HobNobs. I'll see if I can remove the poll stuff from regular threads unless you decide to post a new poll
  6. Wait is it going to try to insert a poll no matter what?
  7. Apparently not, but it's probably going to confuse people and, worse still, encourage people to make polls that aren't needed..
  8. Polls are almost as bad as sigs. Let's disable them.
  9. We should make a poll about it.
  10. You're really whoring the polls there chief.

    I vote VAC ban on polls.
  11. I'm just making the most of them before they go.
    What's VAC?
  12. I’m a 4 time pro-poller. Won’t cry if they go away though.
  13. In some rare instances poll-threads on forums can be good.

    90% of the time though they are annoying and or useless.
  14. I vote against polls. Don't think they add much really. Maybe at a later day if we get loads of members but otherwise I think it adds little and can replace discussion rather than add to it.
  15. They are there to be used if need be. Some threads actually need them. They are causing no problem and you will only ever see them if you need to when you create a thread. No clutter or nothing.

    The option is there if anyone needs to use a poll, such as my thread I used one in.
  16. Surely it should be a community decision regatding their inclusion though? I don't mind if there's a decent number that want them. Not sure we're seeing that though. Perhaps we should see what others think further.
  17. Of course, it is not down to just one person to make decisions regarding new mods etc. I will use a poll for what everyone thinks. A simple yes and no, and if more vote no, we shall remove it until we ever decide we need it.
  18. Valve Anti-Cheat mechanism. It has a 100% failure rate to detect hackers.
  19. Allways thought that system was pretty solid, and that it just takes a long time before someone would get banned, but you wont come away with it.
  20. Come on people. Vote this shit down.