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  1. Do you eat it? Tell me everything there is to know please!

    I've been trying to get into it, but goddamn they always come out burnt in the microwave.
  2. Only when I go to the Cinema which is not very often anymore...
  3. Wife makes it a lot in a cast iron skillet. Add kernels, oil, and heat. I didn't like the oil so I bought her an $8 air popper from the 80s. It's pretty darn foolproof.

  4. On a slightly related mildly interesting note. I used to shop at this store that could only employee blind people. One day I was in the store and one of the employees was trying to add a gallon of that butter/oil mixture into one of the slightly small industrial poppers like you see in the theater. I have no idea how that was supposed to work since the guy is totally blind. We'll it didn't work and he dumped all the oil all over the floor, the machine, and himself. It was a complete disaster. The store owner who was not blind yelled at him and told him he was totally helpless. It was awkward so I put my groceries down and left.

    That's the end of my story.
  5. Tiny But Mighty...it's a brand of "heirloom" popcorn (which really just means it comes from pre-frankenfood corn that had much smaller cobs/kernels) that's really good. It cooks on the stovetop, but it's quite easy to get right. Smaller kernels means that you don't get as much hull along with the fluffy part and it's easier to digest. Tasty.

    Don't try it in the air popper because the kernels will just fly out because they're so much lighter.
  6. Do you consider Orville Redenbacher popcorn frankenfood? That guy was a legitimate corn genius.
  7. Was that air popper $8 on craigslist or at a store, they are pretty pricey on Amazon. It's kinda what I need since I'm not allowed to use the work microwave anymore.

    I suppose I can get around it using the stove and TbM, but I'd hate to get fired over popcorn.
  8. Amazon warehouse. It's really hard to shop it since things aren't advertised well.

    You're cooking popcorn at work? That stuff should be banned. We used to evacuate the building at least twice a year because of people burning microwave popcorn in the building.
  9. Stove-top popcorn at work probably isn't the best idea, even if you had access to a stove-top. Too many extras needed.

    bfun: Orville Redenbacher is public enemy #1 when it comes to frankenfood. And chemical additives for microwaving. The kindly grandfather act was just subterfuge for building an empire of GMO horrors.
  10. Where I work we share a kitchen with IT who have a data center on the other half the floor. During a microwaving session I exposed a flaw in their setup. The fire alarms on the floor were linked to the DC alarms. The kitchen alarm triggered some fire suppression gas or powder, which sprayed into the data center to suck out the oxygen. They had to evacuate presumably before they suffocated and died. I got VAC banned from the kitchen facilities, and receive a $10/day stipend for the cafeteria. The fact that I kept my job means I've totally undervalued myself. I'm gonna bring it up at review time.
  11. Do they still use Halon for that or is it banned in the US too? That stuff is amazing for putting out fires as it literally suffocates it but it also does the same to people.

    My dad has a few halon extinguishers from when they were still used, the 5th extinguisher, green they were.

    I've never cooked anything at work, don't trust the cleaners enough to not make me sick.
  12. Bah, that's not fair. He started his business from the back end of his station wagon and engineered the perfect popcorn kernel. He sold it off long before "his" Microwave brand popcorn came out and he reportedly refused to eat it up until he was too old to know the difference.
  13. Pretty sure they don't use it in new buildings anymore. I know we were trying to convert the system to something newer in one of our data centers and it was problematic.
  14. Mini popcorn makes it to Shark Tank as Pipcorn. Probably similar to the brand alterego mentioned.

  15. Wow, that show is behind the times. Next episode: miracle jeans that look too tight but feel comfortable due to combining cotton and lycra.
  16. I like the real stuff drenched in butter. Not a big fan of the microwave instant kind.
  17. Take a pan. Heat it up and pour in a little vegetable oil. Pour the kernels into the pan and put a lid on it. Now wait a few minutes, periodically shaking the pan so the kernels don't stick and burn.


    Add sugar or salt to your preference.