Pornstar James Deen is an Evil Rapist

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  1. This dude is always very rough with the girls he's with so I guess I'm not that surprised.
  2. If she didn't have atleast 1 capital letter and a number in her safe word, not guilty.
  3. They probably tried to steal Mr Deen's lemons. We all know what he does to lemon whores.

    Honestly this guy is one of the biggest names in porn right now and there are two sides to every story. You also kind of have to wonder if this is just a shakedown by washed up porn actresses to get at this guy's money.
  4. I don't see why multiple people would lie... but I also don't get why you'd blast this on Twitter. They didn't go to the police in time, so he will never be held accountable legally. But he can easily sue her for defamation and win with a screenshot.

    The legal system seems pretty stacked against rape victims.
  5. True, and while some of the Cosby accusers looked pretty unrapeable where i have to wonder if they were just hangers on looking for a pay day, the James Deen accusers are all 9 or 10/10s. An evil rape man would definitely try to rape them given the chance.

    Girl who he slapped for not smelling his balls:

    Girl whose butt he tried to ram:

    Girl who says he raped her
  6. lol even more accusations are popping up. But I bet given his industry and profession, nobody will give a fuck and it'll be business as usually in a few months.
  7. These ones are even worse. Wow. This guy is basically a charming, handsome rapist who found a niche in rough sex porn.
  8. More allegations
  9. He pissed in a girl's mouth while she was blowing him and shoved a beer bottle up her ass. This guy is just a never ending source of ridiculous stories.
  10. lol I haven't heard that story since high school... pretty sure it's biologically impossible.
  11. Her whole story makes no sense. Like that she was a virgin living in the BDSM castle. Or the way the bottle gets introduced to the story. He probably did piss in her mouth though.

    The most hilarious part about this thing is how feminist PC SJW websites and blogs like buzzfeed were putting this guy out there as some sort of feminist icon poster boy. I bet they never actually watched any of his movies, which pretty much all involve him treating women like cheap, disposable whores.