Portal 2

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by HellRipper, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Anyone getting Portal 2? I really liked Portal, il probally get it on a Steam weekend deal or something.
    There's said to be possible to play PC vs PS3 players, but PS3 players cant use a KB/Mouse setup.

  2. Already pre-ordered. Just waiting for it to arrive.

    There's no versus mode, only co-op. So not having kb/m support isn't an issue if Valve doesn't include it.
  3. I'll be getting it and every second I spend playing it I'll be wishing it was Half Life 3. It'll be good though, I thought the original was one of the most mind bending games I've ever played. It made you think in a different way to the norm.
  4. Think your good off with either the PC or PS3 version, 360 version seems to be lacking Steamworks and the like. PC version's the best if you got the pc for it though.

    Wonder how Steamworks will turn out on the PS3.
  5. The original was good, but not $50 good.
  6. I got original via the orange box and that only cost me about 20 quid. nice.
  7. indeed. it's awesome that they added coop mode and all, but i'm gonna snatch it up at $10 or less.
  8. Same, although I never played Portal. After finishing half-life 2 and the episodes I have other games to play.
  9. You should play portal. It's a very unique game, and it's not too long. You could probably finish it in a night.
  10. That is so true.
  11. You get a free Steam copy w/ the PS3 version if you link your PSN account to your Steam account.

  12. Yea i know, you cant use them at the same time though. And why would someone want both versions...
  13. I want it for the ps3 so I can play co-op mode with the guys on my friends list, getting the no-doubt superior pc version for free as well wouldn't be a bad thing :)
  14. Well, I guess I might pick up a copy. Just so I can get some gaming in with the PVC crew, was with the exception of MC, I've never had a chance to play with you guys.
  15. Lets hope Portal 2 turns out good, recent reviews say Socom 4 pretty much dissapointed in every regard.
  16. Amazon has it for $35. Best Buy has it for $35 and gives rewards zone members 500 reward zone points which is like a $10 gift card.
  17. Oh Snap. Check this out. PS3 version comes with a free PC version and PS3 can play Co-op with PC!

  18. Yea, but why would you play it on PS3 if you get the better PC version with it? And might you not have a nice pc, you would play the PS3 version. Since you cant give it away or play at the same time, its pretty useless.
  19. In my situations it's perfect since I'd like to play the co-op split screen on the PS3 and the single player on the PC. Just pre-ordered PS3 version.
  20. Is the splitscreen function not present in the PC version?