Post Your BMs

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  1. Tell us about the most recent crap you took.
  2. I've been eating cereal with Vitamin D milk (I typically drink 2%). Anyway it's been making me take more liquid-esq dumps. It doesn't feel right because they pass so quick. I like to feel accomplished when I take a 6 lb dump and feel lighter and more energized.
  3. i've had diarrhea the last 2 days. quite a sensation when you sit there for a few minutes and then all of the sudden.. VROOOOOSH, the buttpee goes waterfall.
  4. WTF? You didn't even mention what food you ate. Was it the Chipotle? I've never had a problem with them, unlike Tacobell.
  5. Chipotle gives me painful, burning diarrhea. It's actually much worse than the diarrhea I get from Taco Bell. It tastes better going down though.
  6. not sure what caused it. i haven't had any fast food for quite a few months now. I've just been eating my routine cereal cereal and homefood stuff. only odd thing out was a few chocolate chip cookies. maybe I should blame them.

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  7. Not my most recent, but most notable BM in the last month. I had wicked bad stomach cramps. I dont typically fart much, but i was letting out these long, loud farts all day long. This went on for a week. Then on my way home from work one day, I went to go let one rip, and I knew immediately it was a shart. So I squeezed my buttcheeks and did 90 mph all the way home. I spewed diarrhea for an hour straight. It was fucking painful, like how I would imagine squeezing a sponge would feel if a sponge had feelings. I got a 30 minute break before I had to run back to for ANOTHER hour long session of pissing out of my ass.

    I had to chug water the rest of the night I was so dehydrated. When I woke up the next day, I felt fantastic. It was a very weird experience. I've never had that happen before. Its like I emptied out my insides. I didn't have to shit for like three days afterwards and I felt like the kid from Sandlot in his PF Flyers, like I was light enough to jump walls and outrun dogs.
  8. Sounds like you could do with some chipotl-away!

    The quality is bad but the only good quality version I saw on youtube was in Italian, kind of ruins the joke.
  9. I feel like I need to take a powerdump immediately... but it's not happening.

    Worst feeling in the world.