Prey 2

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  1. Prey 2 will be aviable in 2012, and will be developed by Bethesda Softworks.
    I really liked the original Prey, graphics were pretty good for its time and the game had some cool elements.
  2. Nice. I really liked Prey. I’m not sure why I liked it but it had some appeal for me. I’ve been looking forward to a second one.
  3. Remember when you got into some kind of little planet behind the glass, and you shrink to that size, and saw the enemy as 100 times bigger? Epic moments.
  4. I vaguely remember that but it was a while ago. I like how the characters were portrayed as very average people with average people concerns. In a way that creates a good sense of realism. I didn’t care for some of the over the top gore mostly because it didn’t make sense and wasn’t explained. Why were people placed on machines and then shredded? The Native American tie in was done well and was unique. The spirit realm powers were also unique and added a bit of puzzle to the FPS. In some ways it was Pre-Portal. Now that Portals is out the bar will be higher so I hope they can produce something good.
  5. Yea i liked those aspects aswel. It was really a sleeper hit. The fact you could walk on walls and ceilings as a new thing too, and the puzzles could be really a pain, which is nice.

  6. Teaser rocks!
  7. Well that was different.
  8. I had Prey on my laptop a couple of years ago and no matter how I tweaked the graphics settings it ran like total crap so I've never actually played past the 5 minute mark, which is a shame because it seemed like it could've been quite good. I won't be making the same mistake again, if I buy Prey 2 it'll be for 360 or PS3. At least that way I know what I'm spending £35 on will actually work.
  9. Like most FPS Prey was graphic intensive. I think an X800 was required to play it at a decent level.
  10. Could play it with an 6800NU, AMD 64 3000+ and 1GB ram, everything highest @ 1280x1024, no lag, and smooth as butter.
  11. I enjoyed the original. Conceptually it was similar to Portal, but it came out a few years before Portal.
  12. It was one of the very few FPS that made me say, wow I want to play the next one. Half Life 2, Portal, and Crysis were the other ones.
  13. Man. I think one day I'm just going to have to buy a proper nice expensive gaming pc and see what it's like to play games on a pc that look amazing. Who knows, I might end up preferring it to consoles...
  14. Trust me, you will end up preferring it to consoles. Once you've seen what a high end PC is capable of, you won't want to go back.
  15. Yeah, because amazing graphics are what makes a game.
  16. Alongside graphics, he will be exploring abilitys that his consoles didnt offer him.
    As an example for BF3, he would get 64 player matches with bigger maps, full 3D support, higher framerates and server browsers for most games.

    So yes, chances are big he wouldnt want to go back to the games consoles, seeing the above accounts for most games, and let most games these days be crossplatform. Although, the PC still has its nice exclusives.
  17. Prey 2 will have an open world to play in, the game wont support 3D or any of the new gimmick controllers.