Pro Evolution soccer 2012

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  1. This seasons Pro Evo is only a few months away and lot's of new videos and upgrades have been shown already. Last years was the best one for a very long time and this one is taking the bar even higher. More responsive, fluid and Ai that actually moves to defend and attack as well as much more.

    I have not looked forward to PES this much in a long time.

  2. I get an awful lot of déjà vu from Konami statements on PE. I didn't bother with 2011 in the end after the demo; I'll give this demo a try when it appears but I've not got high expectations.
  3. Pes 11 was much better than the demo. The gameplay was different although familiar feel to it. The things you could do was awesome. You can dictate where you want to pass the ball and so forth.

    Pes12 is taking it even further. You can now control which players you want to do throw ins and goalkeeper kicks too, the AI actually move into spaces for attack as well as working together for defence. Players react faster now to what you tell them as well as adding much more new animations and much more.

    You will have to try the demo to find these out yourself.
  4. The AI has been pretty abysmal for a long time now but they always promise it'll be improved. I remain very sceptical but wouldn't mind being proved wrong.
  5. Indeed, they always said slightly but not on this scale which we have seen in videos. They basically came out and said Pes11 had problems and showed how Pes12 improves it by showing it by videos together.

    I am hoping Master league Online gets improved too. It was awesome, but it could be made better. Such as making money easier and more. Players such as messi and Ronaldo are nearly impossible to get as 30m+ is hard to make and would probably take weeks and non stop playing.

    It would be nice to play someone from here, though that might be hard as my rlf's are getting the xbox version so I would too.

    Watch these small videos from 01-09 to see the new and improved additions.
  6. Just played the beta demo 30 minutes ago and wow, it sure has changed. It feels different now, but it is still great. It is only a E3 code so the next demo will be more polished and whatever problems are solved.

    The PS3 beta demo is out so you should try it Mons.
  7. I didn't know a demo was out now; I'll give it a try when I get back. Wouldn't mind a good pro evo update, it must be said.
  8. It did not feel clunky at all which was great. The goalkeepers and shooting is not perfect but they know that and would have fixed it by now.
  9. This is the best PES in years, although it still has a few little problems. Konami are releasing more patches as time goes by which is great as they want to fix and improve everything.

    You should really get this Monsly.

    Been enjoying Master League Online lately. My team at the moment is:

  10. Been a while since I played Master league online, but I have a newer team now. Most all on red or orange which helps. Saving up for some better players too:


    My stats for the official Konami pesrankings website:


    I jumped up 6 places in the table this week thanks for beating the number 1 ranked guy and also another top ten ranked guy last week.

    Monsly, you really should finally get this game!
  11. I can play pro evolution 2012 on my phone via onlive :)

  12. Beastly for a little phone. You any good?
  13. His phone is just streaming the game. Remember the onlive thread we had back at pvc?
  14. Yeah I know, I just it looks good on that little phone. As a matter of fact I have my name in a pot in a competition to win an Onlive system. Doubt I will win one but its worth it for free.