PSN Capcom avatars?

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  1. A few years back, I bought some premium Capcom avatars from PSN. Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Felicia, Jill Valentine, and Wesker. I'm currently using Chun Li. She was the first Street Fighter character that I ever played. Not my best, just my first.


    See? Chun Li. Well, they were all listed in my PS4 avatar options under "premium". Well, for some reason, my Capcom fighting avatars have disappeared. I still see my Resident Evil premium avatars, but my fighter ones are gone. Did Sony have to pull those to get Street Fighter V as an exclusive???
  2. I'm offering 2-1 odds that cmdrmonkey posts a scat story in here.
  3. Have you gotten to the bottom of this mystery? Everyday I come back here hoping for closure, but I get nothing.
  4. The kick once again lifted her clean off the ground and Chun-Li hurtled across the sidewalk, clutching at her mangled right side. She landed on one knee hard, and screamed as the dull crack of breaking bone throbbed through her frame. Her momentum carried her forward still, her tired body scraping to a halt on the deserted pavement. Focusing what will she had left she managed to limp into an upright position, putting all her weight on her one functioning leg. Crimson red leaked from under her soft silk shirt, staining the calm blue an evil black over the area of her broken ribs. She took a halfhearted hop forward, sniffing to try to clear the blood the welled from her broken, now crooked nose.

    ‘I won’t give up.’ She whispered.

    Bison’s face twisted into a cruel grin, rows of blunted yellow teeth lining up like soldiers on parade. His eyes gleamed.

    ‘Where is your Ryu or your Ken now Chun-li?’

    ‘He’ll stop you. You know it.’ She managed. Breathing was becoming more difficult; the image of Bison was blurry, like he had two heads.

    ‘My spies tell me that they’re on the other side of the country. Do you know what night that makes this girl?’

    Chun-li took another hop forward, bringing her hands into stance.

    ‘It’s the night you’re going to die.’ Bison finished.

    He walked towards her slowly, but she could do little but stand. All she could hope for now was to die well. If she was lucky she could take his eyes, or one of them. That would make Ryu’s job all the easier, not that Ryu needed it making easier; Bison knew that a fight with the shotokan warrior would be his last and had been hiding from him for years. Chun-li snapped her hand out, fingers extended trying to blind her opponent. She was too tired, too slow and he caught her arm and wrenched it hard, dislocating it at the shoulder. His other hand clasped around her neck and lifted her from the floor where she dangled like a string puppet. Bison’s eyes gleamed mischievously and he ran one hand so gently across the smooth silk of her famous blue shirt and softly cupped one of her breasts, kneading it in his powerful grip. Chun-li struggled as best she could, but even now she could feel the life draining from her as his iron grip tightened on her throat. Threading his hands delicately through the toggles of her shirt his fingers caressed the bare flesh of her tits. Then with sudden power he ripped open the front of the shirt exposing her breasts completely. Spurred into action Chun-li kicked out with her good leg, aiming for Bison’s groin. She hit, but he hardly moved and even though tears came to the corners of his eyes the dark smile never left his face. Just before the blackness of unconsciousness overtook her, he threw her forcibly away. She was airborne and disorientated for a few seconds then her back smashed through the glass side of a telephone box and she landed crumpled up, her body inside while her legs splayed out onto the street. Fresh blood ran from a dozen cuts on the underside of her thighs where her tights were now shredded. She ached all over, dying would be a release.

    Bison looked down at her. The once proud warrior now crumpled before him, defeated. His balls ached where she kicked him, he had had to choke back blood in his throat and force himself not to gag. But he didn’t want her to know that. Such a thing might spur fight inside her. It was true that 95% of combat was in the mind. He had broken her body but more importantly he had now broken her spirit. All her pride and control was gone, all her lady like posturing had disappeared. It had been replaced with pain and survival instincts. Even now she looked up at him with glazing eyes, her mouth gawped open, gasping for breath in ragged chunks. A coil of saliva ran down her beautiful cheek. Her arms rested at her sides, and she made no attempt to cover up her naked tits. Her legs were sprawled akimbo and he saw the light blue of the crotch of her panties clearly.

    ‘Finish it.’ She gasped.

    ‘I will.’ Said Bison, ‘But not like this. Do you remember Thailand, the first time we fought? You gave me the beating of my life bitch. I couldn’t walk for six months after I dragged myself out of the gutter you left me in. I had to piss in a bag and shit in another. And then after a year or two,’ he stepped toward her, ‘they tell you you’ve fully recovered. But you never do, not really.’ He picked her up and softly put her over his shoulder. She could have resisted, but she didn’t, she just hung limply and let him carry her. ‘You broke a part of me that day, a part inside that no fist can brake. A part of my soul, my spirit. A fighter like me is never meant to know that feeling. A fighter like Ryu never will, that’s why I can’t face him again. He’ll see that part which is missing and brake me forever. And you did that to me.’ He carried her into an alley and placed her face down over a side turned trash can. Her ass pointed up toward him, elevated by the bin, while her face lay in a grimy puddle. All resistance had left her.

    ‘Kill me Bison, I’m tired. I’m sorry Father.’ She spoke.

    ‘Not yet.’ Said Bison. ‘First I’m going to take from you what you took from me.’

    With that he ripped open the back of Chun-Li’s dress exposing her naked back. Lifting away the frills of the skirt he exposed her panties.

    ‘Wha..?’ She said.

    Then she felt his fingers stroking between her legs, touching her pussy lips through the thin material of her panties and tights. Soon he placed his whole palm there feeling the warmth.

    ‘No.’ She said, but through the numbness of the pain and the confusion, she began to feel warm and realised she was raising her ass to meet his strokes. For so long all she had known was pain, it felt good for him to touch her there. Every time he stroked she pushed back onto his hand, murmuring the word ‘No.’ or ‘Stop.’ As if to make herself feel better.

    He ran his fingers around her pussy lips and she shivered.

    ‘Please stop. I hate you. Stop it.’ She gurgled as puddle water swashed into her mouth.

    For a terrible second she thought he might as his hand pulled away, and so with considerable effort she arched her back towards him even more, opening her legs slightly wider.

    Bison laughed to himself. ‘There’s a dark patch on your pretty blue panties Chun-li, are you sure you want me to stop?’

    ‘Yes.’ She replied. ‘I hate you.’

    ‘Then ask me to stop.’ He said.

    ‘I want you to…’ But then she felt his tongue licking at her pussy through her panties and although she said ‘stop’ she also opened her legs wider for him.

    Bison smiled and ripped off her panties in a single motion, then tore off the crotch of her tights. The air felt soft and gentle on her lips.

    He pulled away and she lay there, ashamed of herself. Her father’s killer was behind her and she was showing him her pussy; he excited her. She longed to be dead, but then she felt hot breath on the back of her legs and a second later his tongue was inside her. This time she didn’t she didn’t even say ‘no’ just bucked back against his face. He licked her for a few moments and stopped.

    ‘You taste good, did you like that?’

    ‘No. Stop it.’ She lied.

    ‘You know,’ he said, ‘your pussy is drooling back here.’

    ‘Is it? Is it … really?’ she asked.

    ‘Yes. It’s in your pubic hair, and there’s a thread dangling down from your lips.’

    ‘I’m so, so… wet.’ Chun-li said.

    ‘Do you want me to go down on you again?’ He asked.

    ‘No, I hate you. Leave me alone.’ But she lifted her ass towards him.

    ‘You’ve got a really great ass and pussy you know?’

    ‘Do I? Really?’ she asked.

    ‘Yeah.’ He replied and then she felt his hard cock pressing up against her slit. He rubbed the tip backwards and forward along it, opening her lips but not going inside. She moaned to herself opening her legs as wide as she could in preparation for her fucking.

    ‘Please don’t.’ She said with little conviction.

    ‘You’d love me to rape you wouldn’t you?’ He said. ‘So you could get out of this relatively guilt free, but I’m not going to rape you Chun-li.’ He said. ‘I’m not that sort of guy.’ All the while he continued rubbing his fat prick against her pussy lips. ‘Ask me.’ He said.

    ‘No. I don’t want it.’

    ‘Ok.’ He said and stood up suddenly.

    ‘No.’ She said at once. ‘I’m sorry.’ She moaned. ‘P… Plea…please.’

    ‘Please what? Please fuck me? Is that what you mean?’ he asked.

    ‘Uh-huh, please Bison.’

    ‘Say it.’ He demanded.

    ‘Please fuck me, I … I want it.’ She said.

    ‘You want me to have sex with you?’

    ‘Yes, come on.’ She pleaded and to her own horror she reached back with her one good arm and splayed the folds of her cunt for him. ‘Please fuck me Bison.’

    No sooner had she said it than he was in her. He was so gentle, but his cock was so big and hard.

    ‘I told you I wouldn’t rape you.’ He said.

    ‘You’ve got a nice cock.’ She managed between moans.

    He almost made love to her to begin with, as he gently caressed her back and built up his rhythm. Chun-li arched back against him and she soon came.

    ‘Keep going?’ he asked.

    ‘Fuck yes.’ She said. ‘Harder. Please harder.’

    ‘You know what bitch? Now I’m going to take from you what you took from me.’ He laughed.

    His mood changed in an instant as he began mercilessly hammering away at her pussy.

    He expected her to beg for him to stop but she just met his thrusts, moaning and screaming as pleasure and pain tore through her. He grinned pulling her hair back and them slamming her face into the floor, breaking her nose again. His hands groped at her tits savagely, bruising and his nails shredded into the flesh. He began to take bite sized chunks of flesh from her back with his teeth all the while stretching her beautiful pussy to breaking point. But then something unexpected happened. Chun-li came again.

    ‘Fuck me,’ she gasped. ‘Harder. And Bison, beat me, I want you to beat me and fuck me.’

    And so he did, he scratched every inch of her body leaving her red and bleeding. He forced his fingers into her asshole until it began to bleed, he pushed her head into the puddle till she struggled for breath then beat her with his hands. And all the while she came again and again. Soon Bison began to breath heavily as he came close to cumming and for the first time in a while Chun-li managed a whole word, not just a noise.

    ‘Wait…’ she gasped.

    ‘What?’ He asked on the edge now.

    ‘Please don’t cum inside me. I’m ovulating. I hate you I don’t want your child.’

    Bison stopped. ‘What’s in it for me? I think I deserve to cum in you if I want. I’d love to knock up a pretty little Chinese girl like you.’

    Chun-li thought for a second. ‘If you think I’m pretty, wouldn’t you like to cum in my pretty face, in my hair.’

    ‘I could do that anyway if I wanted, I don’t need your permission.’ He laughed.

    ‘Oh please don’t cum in me, please.’ She moaned. ‘I just know I’ll get pregnant.’

    ‘I still can’t hear a reason why I shouldn’t.’ He laughed.

    ‘What if, what if, I drink as much of it as I can. Guys like that right? I’m tired, but I’ll eat up as much as you want.’ She begged.

    Bison thought about it and smiled. ‘On two conditions.’ He said. ‘I promise I won’t come inside you if you do what you have just promised and swear on the name of your father to grant me a wish in return, whatever it may be.’

    ‘I swear it, just please don’t come inside me.’ She begged, for the first time sounding really afraid.

    When he was finished with her he pulled out and squatted over her face, finishing himself with his hand; spraying load after warm load onto her face, into her eyes, and through her now dirty hair. Again she amazed him as she kept her side of the deal and her tongue slid from her lips and caught what little it could, taking it greedily inside her mouth. It wasn’t enough though and huge blobs of cum washed down her face and flowed from her chin into the dirty puddle. Bison shook his head amazed as she began to drink cum filled sections of puddle water. With two fingers Bison scooped a wad of cum from Chun-li’s cheek, some from her hair and milked the rest of his cock for what it was worth, letting the jizz coat his fingers. When he was finished his fingers were covered in rich cream. With his other hand he roughly pulled her face upright with her pony tail and showered his cum covered fingers.

    ‘Is that for me?’ She asked, with a pleading look in her eye.

    ‘No.’ he said.

    She licked her lips and glanced down at the cum that floated in the shallow puddle. ‘Then please let me back down. There’s still so much left.’ She pleaded.

    ‘Do you like the taste?’ he asked.

    ‘No,’ she said, then ashamedly, ‘Yes. I’m drinking your cum from a dirty floor and It tastes so good. Your cum Bison. I’m so ashamed, but it’s making me so horny. I’m so humiliated, you didn’t even rape me, I begged you to do it.’

    ‘Don’t worry, I’ll humiliate you some more before I go if you beg me to.’ He promised.

    ‘Thank you.’ She said, dropping her eyes in ashame.

    He smiled. ‘You know where this cum is going?’ He gestured to his fingers.

    ‘In my mouth?’ She said looking back up hopefully.

    ‘No.’ He laughed. ‘In your sweet pussy to knock you up.’

    ‘No!’ She shouted. ‘You promised.’

    ‘I said I wouldn’t cum in you Chun-li, that’s all, not that I wouldn’t put cum in you.’ He smiled.

    Tears began to well up in her eyes. ‘I don’t want that.’ She managed.

    ‘It’s fair, you should have been more specific.’ He said.

    ‘Please don’t.’ She begged, but he lowered her head towards the puddle and her tongue became more interested in his cum than pleading with him. Then walking around behind her he paused with his cum drenched fingers just prodding her lips.

    ‘No. I beg you.’ She said. ‘Not this.’

    But without saying another word Bison opened her up and slid his cum covered fingers all the way inside her fingering her with them to another orgasm, filling her pussy with his cum, making sure than every drop stayed inside her. The slut moaned as his fingers moved and although he couldn’t see her face he could hear the moans interspursed with lapping sounds as she drank from the cum fiddled puddle and tears as she cried out of shame.

    ‘I hope you get pregnant.’ He said. ‘And I hope you feel a fraction of what I felt after our first fight.’ He said. ‘In two years I’ll look you up. Then we will finish this feud, in the only way it could ever end.’

    So he left her, the once proud and noble Chun-li, beaten and bleeding, her face covered in cum that she was still trying to taste. Her pussy, raw and oozing the cum he’d crammed into her. But he hadn’t raped her, she’d asked for her fucking, and the injuries were no worse than what you expected for losing a high profile street fight. Hopefully the shame would kill her, if not, he would in year or so.
  5. Everytime I touch my PS4, something bad happens. :(
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  7. Glad to see you're still a fucking weirdo.
  8. Should I post the sequel, where Ryu and Ken have gay sex and Chun Li has M. Bison's rape baby?