PVC Awards 2015

Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by supersonic, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. I think I might be able to half ass one of these this year. Maybe a neoAwards, a mix of forum and general end of year crap?

    Forum specific:
    1. Best Member
    2. Biggest N00b
    3. Thread of the Year

    4. Game of the Year
    5. Best movie
  2. Biggest Member: supersonic
    Best N00b: monsly
    Thread of the Year: bfun buys a monitor

    Game of the year:The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    Best Movie: Mad Max
  3. Biggest Best: khaid
    Thread Noob: supersonic
    Best of the Movie: Grim

    Game of the Member: cmdr
    Year of the Year: alterego
  4. Best Member: me
    Biggest N00b: me
    Thread of the Year: me
    General: me
    Game of the Year: me
    Best movie: me
  5. Khaid doesn't really believe that about me. He says it because he's failed in this campaign... it's been a total disaster. I have 41% of the vote he has 4%. He's too low energy and should go back to Florida.