PVC Member Awards 2011

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  1. PVC Member Awards 2011
    The Official Unofficial, possibly newly official, 2011 Thread

    The first awards thread for PVCF3.
    That is, if you don't count that one asking about this one...

    Previous threads:

    A lot has changed in the past year. The forum barely has 10 active members so categories have been gutted to bare minimal. Voting requirements have been changed back to E-Mail or Private Messaging only.

    If you want stuff added/removed make a request. Otherwise, here goes:


    The award system will be decided through votes. Only votes from PVCF veterans or members with 100+ posts will be counted (this will aid in keeping the spammers and the n00bs out). If you fall short of the requirements, tough titties, chances are you haven't been here long enough for your vote to have any worth.

    The vote totals and winners will be revealed sometime between January 1st - 7th 2012. Winners may be given special award avatars, but it is highly unlikely. Sorry about not being able to announce the winners smack bang on New Years; I'm busy. If you don't like this, I don't care. This thead will see enough bumpage for nearly everyone to see it during some time during the next month or so. Don't wine. We have about a month to discuss whom we want to win the awards.

    The Categories

    1) Best Member
    2) Biggest n00b
    3) Best Thread

    Former Categories
    Funniest Member
    Most Talkative Member
    Sony Fanboy Award
    Xbox Fanboy Award
    Nintendo Fanboy Award
    PC Fanboy Award
    Apple Fanboy Award
    Most Helpful Member
    Best Author Award
    Biggest Republican Shill
    Biggest Hippie Liberal
    Best Fight Award
    Most Improved Member
    Rookie Of The Year
    Best Avatar

    The Categories - Descriptions

    You can't vote for members in categories if you don't know what that category means! So here's a descriptive list of each category with last year's winners noted (but only if that category was around last year);

    But before you read them, please note that these categories/descriptions can be open to different interpretations. It's your call.

    1) Best Member
    The most prestigious of all the awards. It's simple, who do you think was the best member on PVCF during the past year? If this is indeed the last year of PVCF, the winner of this category will be a legend for all eternity.

    2) Biggest n00b
    This award is for the member that always seems to act like a n00b or an idiot, no matter how long they've been on this forum. This award can also be treated as a "worst member" award, since the two categories are practically the same. Who really get's on ya nerves? :)

    3) Best Thread Award
    This award, quite simply, is for the thread out there that you like the best. The word "best" can be interpreted in multiple ways; the way you see "best" is up to you. You may like them crazy or you might like them civilized. It's your decision.

    The Voting

    The voting system will be done via PM or E-mail (pvcf.votes@gmail.com). You can discuss who you believe should win, just as long as you don't forget to send me your votes later! :)

    To vote, please send me the names you want to vote for filled out in a receptive order like this:

    If you choose to vote by email, please include your own PVC Member name in the email, so I can know who is voting for who and so no one can cheat the system by saying they are people they aren't. Don't worry, your secrets are completely safe with me.

    Oh, and you cannot vote for yourself.

    My email: pvcf.votes@gmail.com

    There! That should be it. If you have any questions about voting, just ask.

    Remember, you can also nominate and discuss who you want to win in this thread if you want. Just don't forget to email me with your votes once you've finished!

    VOTE OR DIE!!!
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    Reserved for winners announcement
  3. I've ignored every one up to now so... pardon me if i ignore this one too :/
  4. Pdraggy for biggest stupid butt.
  5. The biggest noob tried to erase any existence of his noobness. Well played sir.
  6. PM sent. I voted for Ichiban for best member. This place wouldn't exist without him.
  7. Whoever deleted my post from last night in here is a bellend. :p
  8. What on Earth did you say???
  9. Said vote for Monkey best member and put up a picture of a cartoon penis. Lmao.
  10. We have 2 Votes in, and under 24 hours at that.

    Percentage wise that is the best turnout we've ever had.
  11. *waits for khaid's tradition gucho penis joke*
  12. I think I should win all the categories, ALL of them.
  13. Only 3 votes in so far...

    Failure to comply should result in banniation. Too bad practically everyone is a moderator.
  14. Whats the deadline?
  15. Officially, end of december. But usually about 1 minutes before I decide count them up sometime in January.
  16. You lazy fucks better get your votes. So far we got 4 voters including one by email.
  17. I vote bacon
  18. What the hell? 3 categories???? You lazy bastard, you've gone too far.
  19. We only have like 4 members, and they probably all voted for themselves.
  20. I can only assume that I would be the top choice for all the good awards. Seems unfair to cast additional votes for myself.