PVCf originals ,are you using your old username?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by CaptainScarlet, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I logged with my original PVCf username :) :D
  2. i noticed some of the guys decided to confuse people and made variation of their original name or a totally different name altogether
  3. I stuffed bfun in a dumpster and took his name. I used to be aluminium.
  4. I really did consider updating my name as I haven't used Armadeadn for anything other than PVCF for many years now. But to avoid confusion I kept it the same. I've already forgotten who half the members who changed their names used to be.
  5. I just decided to use my Steam name... I thought it'd be less confusing lol
  6. What was your PVCF old name then?

    I have only ever used Phisix as my online handle. So it will always be that. I have seen a few bellends using my name on some forums though. Wankers.
  7. I think he was knowname.
  8. I'm new here so I got to pick a new name that no one else was using.
  9. I haven't used this name anywhere else for 7-8 years, but other replacement names I've come up with are equally lame so I just stuck with this one for familiarity reasons.
  10. I'm an imposter!