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Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by cmdrmonkey, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. This will be a place for admins to discuss potential bans.
  2. psol3s is a spammer. Any objections to banning his ass?
  3. Is he a spammer for sure? When I saw his name I had my suspicions but I only glanced at his post. Didn't jump out as spam but it was only a cursory look.
  4. Did you actually read it? It made absolutely no sense, and then he linked to some spam site.
  5. I have to admit it didn't make a lot of sense but thought he could be an overseas poster; i was only looking in a meeting so didnt have time to properly check It out. Where did the link post to?

    The spellcheck on this phone is fucked.
  6. Some kind of weird blog thing with bizarre Chingrish writing.
  7. Just checked his email on google and some spam warnings were mentioned - I say ban him.
  8. I already deleted his shitty post. So go for it.
  9. He's banned.
  10. Actually there was another guy, magpower something or another, he was on a stop spam list too, so he's gone as well.
  11. One of the unfortunate side effects of being on Google is Chinese spammers.
  12. Momo is a spammer too. His ip shows up on the stop spam lists.


    Not sure about perky. I suspect he's a spammer, but his ip doesn't show up.
  13. OK. I've just installed a new "stop spam" extension on the forum that checks any registration email, URL, IP against a massive list of known spammers. It's regularly updated too.

    Just have to see if any get through now.
  14. Hellripper is coming pretty close to getting his ass banned. I'm fucking sick of the douche; I actually can't think of one thing that he contributes other than banal blathering about how consoles ruin games or somehow derailing threads into a discussion about PC's.

    I'm fucking sick of coming on here and seeing his new posts and his shit.
  15. I don't know if it's BS or not but HellRipper is just doing what he was encouraged to do. Perhaps he is annoying but thats what we asked for.
  16. He's really spamming up the place, and it doesn't help that his English is atrocious. Worse yet, I think it's making people apathetic about the place. I know that I come on here and see the crap he's posting and it either makes me angry or apathetic. It's like we have another Gripper or Alex on our hands, and one of the biggest mistakes Steve made was not banning those assholes.

    We encouraged people to create a lot of new threads and do a lot of posting since we're starting over from scratch. Hellripper is just posting the same tired fanboy garbage over and over and over again. He doesn't even seem like he can properly engage people in conversation.
  17. I dunno, I really have no reaction to any of it. I guess it's cuz I'm not really engaging myself in those threads.

    You know what's funny that enrages me though? Whenever I see that there's a new post in the PC Gaming section, only to find out that it's for the Minecraft thread.
  18. Maybe we should put him on probation. Send him a PM telling him he's got a week to clean up his posting or he's gone.
  19. He is the new Gripper. But instead of being a fucking an ultra conservative ass-hat he's a fucking fanboy of the absolute worst fucking kind...I shouldn't even reply to him but I just can't help myself...
  20. I suppose I'm the same. I pretty much ignored gripper too. There was no point in arguing with him so I didn't.

    What's weird is HellRipper never used to be like this on the old forum. However, he was given words of encourage from perhaps 3 different members to continue with his console attack for the sake of bring back the old PC vs Console debates that happened on the old forum. Now he thinks the request to stop are either part of the game or personal attacks against his ideas by people in power who disagree with him. If we want him to stop we should be fair and rational about it. Someone who is not involved could kindly ask him to turn it down a notch or an impartial observer such as khaid could pass warning and lock the thread down if thats possible. Locking a thread is a great way to end a debate. Deleting also works but people may call fowl. The dumpster might also work but it would be nice if we could link to it rather than have it be a line item in the index. That way it would truly feel separate and could be ignored.